Blu's LOA.

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Will hop on here and there when I can make time, but aside from that probably 3-4 weeks, maybe more. If things hopefully get better, maybe even less than that. .:

Ungodly amount of makeup work, might lose our house powers probably going to out. .:

This doesn't mean I won't be able to help out, i'll still be able to talk to people help out with whatever they may need. I'm just not going to be able to be on the server for the most part. I will still have data in the event my power does go out, I will try to still help in whatever way I can. I will try to make meetings, don't be cautious to message me even though i'm on LOA.

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This leave has been instated.

You are now being marked as on leave from the ShadowICT Founder's Team. During this time, we welcome you to continue your involvement with the community as you can, however you will not be permitted to use any staff abilities on any service.


Please edit the title of this thread, post a reply, or get the attention of the Compliance Director or Root Founder to reinstate your active status.

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