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[RELEASE]SICT Network 1.0.3

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  • NETWORK OVERHEAD: Restrict permissions over nicknames further [DISCORD PERMISSION CHANGE]
  • NETWORK OVERHEAD: Update prerequisites for Director positions as well as DIT [HR PREREQUISITE CHANGE]
  • Community Forums: Add section for Apocalyptic Military Roleplay [COSMETIC CHANGE]
  • Discord: Add roles for Polis, Sunflower Corp, and Iron Eagles [COSMETIC CHANGE]
  • Community Forums: Add roleplay faction selection in profile, with groups for each faction [COSMETIC CHANGE]
  • AMRP: Release project to public, place state in ALPHA testing. [NEW PROJECT]
  • Classic MilitaryRP: Setup server base. This project is not yet playable, but will be online by the end of February. [NEW PROJECT]
  • Donation IPN: Update Security Certificate, test connectivity over prototype socket modules to development sandbox. [SECURITY UPDATE]
  • AMRP: Update Workshop Collection to include further materials and props. [CONTENT UPDATE]
  • NETWORK STAFF UPDATE: We are still looking for staff of all ranks. Anyone interested in a Director position must have staffed for a minimum of a month with no incidents. Contact @Tre if interested. Divisional staff are open to applications. [HR UPDATE/NETWORK OVERHEAD]


Any questions in regards to the above changes should be directed to @Tre directly. Thank you.

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