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  1. 1. The Military RP Revamp

    • Its a good Idea, I want it.
    • Its a bad Idea, I dont want it.

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The Development Team is contemplating completely revamping the MRP for the better, We are going to change it from just RU vs. US. It is more like a post-apocalyptic Military Survival Roleplay, there is an actual story that you will discover as you play on the server, to reinforce the playerbase and try to keep it stable, All Sub-Factions/ Groups will be free to join and with donator classes in them so it isnt pay to win. Please note that this will COMPLETELY change the Military RP as you know it, Literally EVERYTHING will change, it will be completely different and Unique, If you dont want a sudden Change Message me and i will ease into the story slowly changing the server as the story unfolds, but if you think this is a horrible idea and should never happen in a million years please Vote no on the Poll. However if you like this Idea and think it should be effective Immediately  then vote on the poll

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Welp the votes are in and its 12:3 so the revamp will take place shortly, expect changes in increments because this is a HUGE thing

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