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MilitaryRP Rules

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Military RP Rules


MilitaryRP DVL+ reserve the right to make any changes to the rules at anytime with the approval of the C.D. or the Founder's Team



Created: July 11th, 2017


Last Updated: January 20th, 2019 @ 1:30AM (EDT) by Tre


Section ID - Section Header


Section 1 - General Rules

Section 1 Subsection 1 - Chat Rules

Section 1 Subsection 2 - War Law


Section 2 - Raiding Rules

Section 3 - FailRP

Section 4 - United States Rules of Engagement (ROE)

Section 5 - Russian Federation Rules of Engagement (ROE)

Section 6 - Staff Rules

Section 7 - Donator Rules

Section 8 - DEFCON System

Section 9 - Spies and Intelligence


Section 1. General Rules


  • You must role-play while in character unless given permission.
  • If you are a trainer, that takes precedence over roleplay. The short version: If you are any trainer rank, and a recruit needs training, you stop what you're doing within roleplay and train the recruit.
  • Trainers cannot participate in base defense from raids/wartime, in addition trainers and recruits may not be killed during the recruit training process. This does not apply to tryouts. Killing a trainer and/or their recruit(s) will result in a minimum 10 minute jail and warning infraction.
  • Do not RDM
    • Any type of killing of another player outside of a simulation, raid, tryout, trespassing or war instance. Failure to comply to this rule and you will be warned accordingly. People who have the intent to come on the server and Mass RDM are going to be banned.
  • Friendly fire is always on!
  • Do not violate NLR
    • NLR (New Life Rule) is only subject to going back to your last death point (whether it be a base or not) and knowing what is going on. This also includes going back to a raid after you've been killed.
  • Do not RDA.
    • Often referred to as Random Arrest. Military Police/RU Guard must not arrest without a purpose or reason
  • FearRP must be followed.  (
  • "Punchwhoring" on our server is prohibited. This counts as [mass] RDM. (
  • Do not RDS. (Military Police, Russian Guard, and any security forces equipped with a stunstick)
    • RDS stands for Random Stunstick. 
      • This can be annoying as it can cause temporary blindness, and a white flash similar to the camera drone from half life 2.
      • One less serious offense in this area is using the primary attack button, which flashes light on the target's screen. However, you can damage targets using the secondary attack. This can lead to other charges of RDM. RDS can be a bannable offense at times, but mostly kicks, warns, and temp bans in severe cases.
  • Do not metagame in any form. (
    • This means sharing any sort of information on our teamspeak, forums, or any sort of other communication. That information may only shared in person in-game. Examples of Metagaming include, but are not limited to;
      •  When someone has died in a game and tells everyone where this person is that killed them or squad that killed them.
      • Using information not known to your character for an unfair advantage (i.e using enemy comms) or information exchanged on TeamSpeak, etc. unless located in a SeriousRP Communication channel for your branch/squad.
  • Do not impersonate anyone, especially staff. Attempting to impersonate staff will lead to a permanent ban. You will only be asked once to change your name if within violation.
  • Do not spam any chat within the server. Do not spam crowd control devices (flash/smoke grenades, etc) if you have them. If players are asking you to stop playing media through your microphone you must comply or staff reserve the right to suspend your voice chat abilities.
  • Do not abuse glitches, bugs of any sort. If you come across a glitch that you think should not be there please report it on the community forums, or to a developer on Discord or TeamSpeak.
  • Do not engage any air vehicles that are within proximity of their home base, unless the aircraft has been confirmed and identified as hostile. Identification must be confirmed through the use of your faction's communications (comms, /uscomms or /rucomms). If there is no response in faction specific comms, you then attempt to identify the aircraft through open communications (/comms) to see if it is a civilian asset, relief effort, or any third party in which does not engage in war/battle.





Section 1, Subsection 2Chat Rules


  • Spamming
    • If you are just randomly screaming or playing media with no intention to RolePlay you may be taken out of Roleplay.
  • Do not spam the chat.
    • This includes spamming the discord relay. Any verified member, or greater, caught spamming the discord relay, whether it be pasting multiple lines into the channel, or just repeatedly spamming, will be removed without question.
  • Do not use racial slurs or disrespect another player or staff member using any form of communication.



Section 1, Subsection 2War Laws


  • Must call debrief before wartime begins.
  • Wartime is controlled by the server. Staff may also call wartime for the purpose of events, or low player population. Only the highest rank of the faction (1stLT and above) may have the right to call debrief. Warrant Officers (WO) may call a debrief for their branch only, but may not make it a mandatory debrief unless acting on the orders of a 1LT+
  • Debrief must last no longer than 5 minutes and must be in battle stations by 7 minutes.
  • Bases are hereby on a permanent DEFCON 1 status until wartime has concluded.
    • Due to heightened security, all fireteams requesting PTL must contain a full fireteam (4 total members including yourself) 
  • Fireteams must consist of at least one Special Forces Operator to maintain radio communication with your home base, one Medic to patch up and resuscitate the fireteam members, and any other two functional specialists (such as mechanic, rifleman, heavy, marksman etc)
  • Fireteams may opt to leave the base in pairs, increasing the size to an 8 person squadron. Squadrons must be led by a Sergeant [or equivalent] (E-5) or higher in rank.
    • Fireteams may be formed through the menu provided by !squad
  • There must be no camping of the opposing faction’s spawn in the event of a Wartime Raid against the enemy faction
  • During Wartime, bases may be raided by each faction without raid call. This still must be an organized attack like a raid, following raid rules, without the need to /advert (You must advert when all your forces are depleted however). Wartime Raids are still subject to 15 minute raid cooldown timer.
  • Explosives must be used on a group of people consisting of at least two combatants, or someone that is fortified inside of a building or other chokepoint. Any violation of this rule is considered RDM.



Section 2. Raiding Rules


  • Do not engage trainers or their recruits
  • Do not spawn camp
  • All raids are single life. Upon death, you must return to your faction's debrief.
    • In the event of a war time attack on the enemy military installation, you may return to continue an attack provided you leave in a fireteam.
  • If you are a sniper involved in a raid, once all forces inside the enemy base are eliminated you must cease fire and return to your respective debrief. You CANNOT continue to fire into the base. TL;DR when everyone dies and an officer calls raid over, OR you can no longer communicate with the raiding party, you must return to your debrief.
  • You cannot call raid during an event unless the game master in charge of the event says otherwise.




Section 3. FailRP


  • Examples of FailRP include, but are not limited to;
    • Failing to comply with FearRP
    • Not following a player while you are handcuffed.
    • Using non-SeriousRP names.
    • If there is a hostage situation the side that is trying to rescue the hostage must try to negotiate first. If that fails then weapons are free and action can be taken.
    • RU CANNOT claim they are a civilian then pull out ANY weapon or explosives.
    • Bringing up 3rd party discussions that are not classified as part of roleplay (ex. "Follow me on instagram!")
    • Engaging in OOC chatter while in character.
    • Entering the enemy base without a raid call.
      • You are only exempt to this if you are considered a prisoner to the enemy, or have been granted PTE (Permission To Enter) the opposition's base through a request in open comms.
    • RDA/RDS
    • Binding a person to you, whether in the form of a /me chat bind or via grappling hook with no reason


Section 4. United States Rules of Engagement (ROE)


  • If you get shot at, you are able to return fire at the shooter.
  • If non-US Personnel approach you and you issue an order, failure to comply within a reasonable time frame will lead to hostile response.
  • Do not engage non-US personnel without a weapon or who identify as a civilian unless a there is a present threat, or the United States installation is on DEFCON 1 (only applies while within [sight of] the US base)
  • You may not engage RU Federation forces within their own base unless a raid on RU has been called by a Captain+ or solo raider*, or war time is in effect.
     * (see donation rules, section 7 for clarification).
  • Do NOT engage any trainer or recruit regardless of their faction during a raid. Failure to abide will result in a 10 minute minimum jail and warning infraction
  • Non-US Medics who revive an enemy combatant become subject to hostile response. 
  • US Medics may render first aid to non-US personnel as seen fit.



Section 5. Russian Federation Rules of Engagement (ROE)


  • You cannot kill US if they’re in within their own base unless a raid on the United States has been called by a Captain+ or solo raider*, or war time is in effect.
    * (see donation rules, section 7 for clarification).
  • Do NOT engage any trainer or recruit regardless of their faction during a raid. Failure to abide will result in a 10 minute minimum jail and warning infraction
  • RU Medics may render first aid to non-RU personnel as seen fit.



Section 6. Staff Rules


  • No Staff on Duty names, you are all on duty while you are on the server
  • No member of staff, regardless of rank is entitled to any high rank within roleplay. Everyone must earn their rank, regardless of staff or donator status.
  • Do NOT enter staff/admin mode unless assisting with an event, or answering a ticket.
  • If you are personally involved in a sit, you may not take action as a staff member. Open a ticket using !staffticket and have another staff member take your sit. You are NOT permitted to enter staff mode if you are personally involved in a sit. The ONLY exception to this is entering staff mode to open a ticket due to our admin mode restriction placed on commands.
  • Do not brandish your physgun for any reason unless you are assisting with an event, or are in a sit.
  • Do not teleport to random players, other staff (especially higher ranking staff) etc without permission.
  • Do not abuse noclip and/or cloak
  • Do not use staff abilities to gain an unfair advantage. This is considered cheating and will lead to removal from the staff team as well as a ban.
  • While you are in staff mode, you are out of character. It is recommended that any communication in this state is made in LOOC or Local Out Of Character (/looc or //. commands)
  • Prioritize your actions while on the server. Training recruits comes before anything else. If there is a staff ticket but you are training, continue training your recruits. If there is a staff ticket and you're in a fire fight, put the fight on hold and answer the ticket. Branch/Job tryouts are NOT priorities, only the basic training provided to recruits.
    • TL;DR - Train Recruits -> Staff Tickets -> Roleplaying
  • Staff, regardless of rank, are not impervious to disciplinary action. If a staff member is found abusing, or not staffing properly, regardless of your position (directors included) you can, and most likely will be at the very least demoted, if not removed from the team. Staff come and go, and we have no problem putting someone deserving of a position into the spot.



Section 7. Donator Rules


  • Placing a tactical insertion in an unreachable place, within the enemy base, or within sight of the enemy base is prohibited. This includes areas that must be reached with a grappling hook. Once you reach a warn threshold of three infractions, you may lose your tactical insertion permanent weapon. Areas in which must be reached via grappling hook such as rooftops, trees, etc are strictly forbidden for tactical insertion deployment. If you can not reach said location on foot, you cannot use your tactical insertion in this area.
  • Iron Eagles and Freedom Fighters may be freely used without whitelisting. If staff needs a job for an event, you must either participate in the event, or release the job for event helper use.
  • Iron Eagles/Freedom Fighters may solo raid every 10 minutes, with two minutes between each person for a raid. VIP Solo Raids have a raid cooldown of 15 minutes per person. Example, Dom VIP solo raids US, Gazz may VIP solo raid two minutes after Dom's raid ends, Dom must wait 15 minutes after his original raid to raid again. Once the raid has concluded, they must advert VIP Solo Raid Over
  • Do not minge with SWEPs in SeriousRP environments such as debrief, etc. TL;DR if you're told to stop, then stop.
  • Iron Eagles/Freedom Fighters may not claim to be a part of a branch without explicit approval from the branch in question's commander.
  • Iron Eagles/Freedom Fighters who do not claim affiliation with a branch must either use their character's name, or your normal RP name without rank/branch.



Section 8. DEFCON System


  • DEFCON may be called by the highest ranking officer online for your faction. In all other circumstances, you must be Captain+ or equivalent to call a DEFCON.
    • DEFCON 5 - Normal Operation, Weapons are on safety or put away.
    • DEFCON 4 - Elevated Security, Security Forces maintain perimeter patrol, to leave the base you must have at least one person with you.
    • DEFCON 3 - Possible threat, All Branches report to your designated battle stations and await further orders from officers, weapons free. Leaving the base requires an additional two people with you.
    • DEFCON 2 - Confirmed Security Threat, all standard forces must be ready to deploy within 7 minutes, special operations forces must be ready to deploy within 5 minutes. Leaving the base is prohibited.
    • DEFCON 1 - Active Threat/Attack/War Time, exiting the base requires a full fireteam of 4 (including yourself) or squadron of 8 (including yourself). Security Forces must check every ID prior to entrance or exit of the base, any non-US/non-RU personnel within sight of the base may be fired upon and/or eliminated without warning. Security Forces are required to switch to their communications channel on their radio, and any active air assets must coordinate with special operations command through radio.


Section 9. Spies and Intelligence


  • Spies are special agents employed by both factions for intelligence gathering and counter intelligence.
    • Spies may not impersonate an actual person of the opposite faction.
    • Spies may not impersonate any rank above CSM or equivalent
    • Spies may not force enlisted to partake in PT
    • Spies may not kill in an overt manner. Any kills must be done covertly, with no witnesses.
    • Spies are automatically KOS if someone witnesses them kill, or attempt to harm another individual.
    • United States Military Police, US Air Force Security Forces, and Russian Guard are able to identify spies through roleplay.
      • To identify a spy, you must ask for papers/ID and /roll
        • If the spy rolls higher, his credentials are valid.
        • If the MP/Guard rolls higher, the credentials are invalid and the spy is immediately AOS
    • Senior Officers (Captain, or equivalent) are also able to identify spies, as well as more advanced spies that an enlisted or NCO/SNCO Military Police Officer/Russian Guard cannot identify.
      • Enlisted security forces may request a senior officer to verify the authenticity of the paperwork provided by the spy. 
      • Security forces may not repeatedly check a spy's paperwork. There must be a five minute window between checks
    • There is a maximum of three attempts to identify a spy. If all three of these attempts fail, that spy may only be detected by an Executive Officer (XO) or greater.
    • Spies may not "base rp". Spies should not be sitting around the base harassing forces.

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