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 in-game name Zendude


Your SteamID STEAM_0:1:215971135


Your Time-zone: PST


How long have you played the server? (!playtime in game): 76 min


Why would you like to be a staff member?: maintain a clean community so that people can fully enjoy it, I’d like to let them see strong knowledge of the rules and be an extra help on the server. I'd keep the server away from rulebreakers and help new players to have a good time on the server and inform them about the game, after that I always need enough information and details before I judgment. I have a strong eye on the rules and the people if they do something wrong, I contain everything to become a staff. Because I am very mature, like to help the server, can find it out with everyone, have a great experience on MRP nd have been staff on multiple servers. I want to improve the quality of the server. And I'd like to let the server host so smooth as possible.


What is your availability? 4 Hours a day i have wrestling every day of the week  


Why should we pick you over any other applicants?: You should pick me over others because  I could help out the owners by being on with the amount of hours that I am available for and enforce the rules on the server. Having staff on a server with a good amount of people on it makes the server run and make want people to join. If the server had no staff it would be chaotic if there were unfit and bad staff it would be the same... That's why I think someone like me with a okay amount of experience and understanding of Garry's mod would be right.


Do you have any other experience moderating? Yes on 2 Dark rp and 1 prison rp


Do you have TeamSpeak and/or Discord?: yes


Have you linked your TeamSpeak Unique ID to your forum account? (https://community.shadowict.net/teamspeak):yes


Have you linked your Discord to your forum account? (https://community.shadowict.net/discord) yes


Do you have a working microphone?:Yes


Did anyone refer you to apply?:Nope


Are you a trainer? If not, are you willing to become one?: I am willing to become one 


Do you agree to follow our Rules & Policies?{Yes/No): Yes


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+1     Seems like they'd be a good member with the proper training.

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This Staff Application has been accepted by SICT Senior Staff. This topic is now closed and in archives. A staff trainer will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you for your interest in the ShadowICT MilitaryRP Staff Team, and good luck.

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