GLOBAL Vote for the MilitaryRP Base Revamp

Vote for the MilitaryRP Base Revamp  

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  1. 1. What should the factions/countries at war be?

    • US v. N. Korea
    • US v. Radicals (ISIS, Taliban etc)
    • US v. Russia

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We have decided that the MilitaryRP server shall be revamped. However we want community input. As of now we are considering changing the factions at war. As we continue development we will ask the community for more feedback in efforts to get community involvement with decisions, as personally I feel that is the way it should be.


Please note, this announcement is left wide open. If you have any suggestions, or questions about if we're planning to do something to a different "variable" please feel free to post a reply and ask. If you're a guest, it takes less than a minute to use a social login such as Discord or Steam to register an account.

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Whoever doesn't vote "US vs N Korea" is a confirmed weeaboo 

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