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We are formally decommissioning the MilitaryRP server as of today until we decide our plan of action with this box. We will either revamp the MilitaryRP, or completely change the game mode around and try something new.


Due to this, we are now formally allowing MilitaryRP staff members to request transfer to the Clone Wars Division. Here's how it's done.


MilitaryRP Staff: Please use the format below and REPLY to this thread. The CWRP Divisional Leader or an Executive Assistant+ may accept or deny your transfer. If you are accepted, you must be retrained for the CWRP environment before you are granted a staff rank, and you will face a two rank demotion unless waived by the Director's Team.



Steam Name:

Steam ID:

MilitaryRP Rank (Staff):

Experience (time served as staff):

Why do you feel you're a good fit for the CWRP team?:


Thank you, and good luck.

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If you are going to transfer over you can talk to me. I am available from 3:00 PM EST to about 10:30 PM EST Mon-Fri. So if you got questions please don't be afraid to DM me on the discord.

Thank you

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