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[RELEASE]SICT Network 1.0.2

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  • NETWORK OVERHEAD: Co-Founders may no longer take action without consulting Founder+ [AUTHORITY CHANGE]
  • NETWORK OVERHEAD: The rank of Co-Founder is formally under R.F.A. review due to continued complaints regarding abuse of power [RFA/RF INVESTIGATION/RANK STRUCTURE CHANGES]
  • NETWORK OVERHEAD: Founder's Advisors, as well as Executive Assistants may not take ANY action whatsoever. These ranks are purely for advisory purposes and are not given authority over other staff. [AUTHORITY CHANGE]
  • Community Forums: Add appropriate feature colors to the Clone Wars Roleplay category. Any forum that is not an application forum should be marked with a light blue color to indicate that you are within a CWRP discussion forum. [COSMETIC CHANGE]
  • CWRP: Prepare for introduction of custom classes and battalions that people have actually donated for. [QUALITY OF LIFE FIX]
  • CWRP: Prepare for migration of server content to a ShadowICT Server Operations Steam Account. This is done to allow more than one person access to the content that way custom jobs/battalions may be implemented in a more timely manner. [QUALITY OF LIFE FIX]
  • Donation IPN: Begin finalizing donator packages and options. An announcement will be made on our Discord when this is fully completed and all functionality has been added to each donator package. If you have any questions as to what a package does, we encourage you open a support ticket or ask in #helpcentre on Discord. [FUNCTIONALITY ADDITION]
  • NETWORK STAFF UPDATE: Staff Members in which are NOT listed on the official roster (people who were randomly given any staff rank in game) have two weeks to formally apply to the staff team and be accepted. Ranks MAY be negotiated after acceptance into the staff team where seen fit. Anyone falling under this criteria in which does not comply will have their rank removed and reset to the "Member" rank unless they are a verified donator. [HR PREREQUISITE UPDATE/CLONE WARS DIVISION]
  • NETWORK STAFF UPDATE: Two senior staff members from the Clone Wars Roleplay Division shall be selected for a position within the Director's team to introduce more of a diversity within the high ranks within our community, and balance out disputes. The candidates would be filling the ranks of Compliance Director, and Community Manager. [HR UPDATE/CLONE WARS DIVISION]
  • STAFF FIELD PROMOTION: Aiden, who previously served as the Clone Wars Roleplay Head of RP shall be immediately added to the D.I.T (Director in Training) program for the position of Staff Director. [FIELD PROMOTION/CLONE WARS DIVISION TO DIRECTOR'S TEAM]


Any questions in regards to the above changes should be directed to @Tre directly. Thank you.

* Questions regarding the changes being made to the rank structure shall remain unanswered while R.F.A/R.F. discuss the options and brief the CWRP Founder of the options.

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