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We do understand that certain circumstances arise in which will lead to this point.


Staff members who resign (retire) properly and on good terms will be granted a Retired Staff tag on the forums, as well  as the Discord, and depending on the circumstances may be asked to hold a special position within our community, regardless of your resignation status.


Failure, however to resign properly will result in immediate administrative segregation, or excommunication where warranted. Please, do us all a favor and just resign with dignity.


Resignation Notices must serve a period of 14 (fourteen) days, or 2 (two) weeks before the resignation is finalized. During this time period, the staff member in which is in the retirement process is still considered a member of the ShadowICT Staff Team and is asked to conduct themselves as such.

[b]Steam ID:[/b]
[b]Discord ID#TAG:[/b]
[b]TeamSpeak UUID:[/b]
[b]Final Date of Service (2 weeks from posting):[/b]
[b]Final Remarks:[/b]

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