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Weapon Relations

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Sup guys, I just wanted to bring a topic to light that me and Prota were noticing earlier today. We wanted to make suggestions in terms of weapons and gun balancing, but we decided to hold off just to talk about an issue and to clear it up in regards to the classes.


In relation to CW and Warface weapons, Warface is clearly on average the better weapon pack, but the way those weapons are distributed in relation to CW I wanted to make clear. Right now, I feel like if you'd map "progression" in regards to player's classes as they progress in relation to how good they are, you'd notice there are spikes depending on the classes. What I mean by that is you'll notice one of two things; either a class is so powerful it feels out of place in relation to everything else, or the jump between regular "entry" classes (by this I account for entry classes for all branches) and the better guns for Officers/Donators is too steep, and makes progression feel more punishing than challenging. 


This is in parallel to the way the CW weapons, or just regular early classes' weapons were dealt in relation to the more powerful guns, which are usually Warface. With the recent RU weapon nerf, I feel like it wasn't the best option to take because it mimicked an issue there for US, which was the gap between it's CW and Warface weapons. What it did was balance the entry classes, but made them both equally undesirable to the point where frustration would build, and deter players from playing.


In my honest opinion, the RU weapons (mainly the AN-94) aren't as powerful as it seemed. The US complaints seeped out from when many of the "now regulars" were entry, and were fighting  against entry RU with the only parameters on balance being those early classes in mind. I say they weren't powerful because in relation to the donator and more experienced/tryout based classes, the AN94 was fairly lacklustre with it's slightly below medium damage at the time, and high recoil. 


The point I'm trying to make is that because both sides' entry weapons are now lacklustre, it'll make the longterm issue of balance seem apparent, which is that no players will feel like playing because they're so outclassed, and at best they'll be noticed less for doing well because their firepower is lacking, especially since all the regulars now aren't troopers, and have fairly good weapons. 

We decided to hold off on suggestions because we wanted to hear community input, specifically higher up staff, on the relation with progression in regards to classes. We felt like without either nerfing. Warface weapons or buffing CW weapons, it creates a steeper gap for new players to integrate into the server which may hurt the acquisition of new and motivated players in the long run, because it's not fun for them to be completely massacred, and making them feel like they need to work towards having fun (atleast in combat) especially with a smaller playerbase where promotions and tryouts depend on Officers, they'll end up leaving. I can understand the argument of them RP'ing and "toughing it out" but in reality, it's never practical, and I know this because of all the US that have left mid or after a war because of fighting RU the past couple weeks. 

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A current trend of the server is that US has more accurate weapons than the their Russian counterparts. For example, the US Army Trooper weapon does 26 damage base, but can be used extremely effectively at long range while the AN-94 does 28 damage but lacks long range capabilities. When Duel, Fupert, Vitya, and myself played RU Army Trooper, we relied on holding corridors and tight corners, and in that situation we would win that fire fight. The opposite also happened where we would be whittle us down by constant US Trooper fire with little to no ways of dealing with it.  The only solution we found and used was pushing up to the US hills and holding behind rocks, so US cannot use their range advantage. This trend is perfect to have, but it must be recognized by officers and the server having classes that help break the mold e.g. a shotgun or SMG class that can rival the power of Russian CQB weapons. Currently the US base level and more elite factions such as Marines, Navy and USAF have few reliable options for close quarter weapons. If the server continues this trend, which I think it should, leaders need to start to form squads and take advantage of which weapons their troops have available, but requires meticulous balancing as to not having a gun too strong in every engagement.

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