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Given the latest chain of events, there has been a lot of restructuring that has been considered, and/or carried out by the higher ups.


There was a recent probe done by Internal Affairs into the claims of executives, directors, and staff alike abusing privileges bestowed upon them that are intended to help the community and not harm it. After review of the evidence, we've decided it's time to start cracking down on staff.


Effective immediately, the following is now in effect;


  • Staff members, regardless of their position, are not entitled to any rank within roleplay. Earn it.
  • You may only be affiliated with one branch, per faction. This means you cannot double dip and be part of the Air Force because you want to be cool and fly, as well as being a part of the Navy. Pick one and stick to it.
  • Logging for edits made to whitelists have been enabled. Any staff found abusing whitelists will be banned.
  • There is no such thing as an "Admiral", or "General", unless explicitly stated otherwise by me personally, or any of my delegates with my approval. (@Tex or @Kahoot)
  • The ranks of CO and XO have been abolished. The commander's rank is a Colonel, while the XO's are Lieutenant Colonels (or equivalents for RU, or branches like the Navy)
  • At this point in time, upon discretion, branch commanders who hold the rank of Colonel may be promoted to Brigadier General either through the application and interview process, or by the GA/GAS (General of the Army/Armies [5 or 6 star]) This is subject to change while we rework the structure of high command.
  • Any staff in which is caught using a job (and yes, logging has been enabled for this as well) in which they do not have access to under normal circumstances (such as using a Freedom Fighter or Iron Eagle without donating) will be subject to immediate Administrative Segregation and removal from roleplay. The one and only exception to this is using FF/IE jobs for the purpose of an event with the permission from the Game Master who is in charge of the event.
  • The role of Infrastructure Director has been created and delegated to @Juan who previously served as our Chief Developer and Engineer.
  • The removal of the "Verified Member" tag on TeamSpeak has been completed. Staff are again, just like Discord, unable to override the automation process to verify a user on the TeamSpeak. You MUST link your Unique ID (UUID) via the Forums.
  • The Community Leadership Management Division has been instated, and is currently in the process of establishing a code of conduct/ethics and responsibilities. This division is open for all staff of the rank of Moderator+. The ideology behind this division is to enable our staff team to hone in on their people skills as well as their leadership ability.
  • The Resource Team Management Division has been instated, and is currently in the process of establishing a chain of command. The Resource Team is the group of people, staff or not, who meet and discuss suggestions that have been made, test them against real life military lore, and determine if a new idea is implemented. This team is also responsible for making educated suggestions that the members of the community may overlook.
  • The addition of "Suspended Staff" and "Segregation" roles have been added on the forums and Discord. These roles are self explanatory.
  • The Administrative, Disciplinary, and Questioning Segregation system has been released.



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