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  • Spetsnaz Overhaul

    • Server: MilitaryRP Accepted

    In-Game Name: Prota

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:46957730

    Suggestion putting Forward: 

    Many parts of this suggestion rely on, if the ideas for how it’s made and implemented are accepted, that much of the other branches on the server, especially for RU, follow suit, whether its standardizing weapons for RU Army (their MG and Trooper have the exact same loadout) as well as Aerospace, to model standardization (Aerospace is all over the place as well for this), to branches having their own unique quirk (with Specialist classes, minor tweaks on others). We admit that by accepting this suggestion you’re not just accepting things for Spetsnaz, you’re shaping the way every branch is related to one another, and that’s why so much is put into it in its specificity.

    Content Additions: Enhanced Russian Military Playermodels | Note: this requires the material stated in the description

    Spetsnaz: Trooper

    • Model String: models/russianbear2345/bf3/medic_ru.mdl  | New Model for Spetsnaz Trooper
    • New Weapon: AK-103 | Stats of the AK-103
    • Weapon String: khr_ak103
    • Loadout Changes: AK-103,PM
    • New Loadout String: khr_ak103 , khr_makarov , salute , keys

    Spetsnaz: Medic

    • Model String: models/russianbear2345/bf3/alternate/support_ru.mdl | New Spetsnaz Medic Model
    • New Weapon: AK-103 | Same as Above
    • Suggested Loadout: AK-103, PM, Medkit, Defibrillator | Note: I don't know why the medic did not have a defibrillator.
    • New Loadout String: khr_ak103 , khr_makarov , med_kit , weapon_defibrillator , salute , keys

    Spetsnaz: Specialist

    • Model String: models/russianbear2345/bf3/alternate/medic_ru.mdl | New Model for Spetsnaz Specialist
    • New Weapon: Saiga H.G.C. Custom
    • Weapon String: ma85_wf_shg41 | Stats for the Saiga H.G.C. Custom
    • Suggested Stats: for the Saiga H.G.C. Custom: Dropping damage from 15x10  to 10x10 which reduces damage from 150 to 100
    • Suggested Loadout: Saiga H.G.C. Custom, PM, Flash Grenade,
    • Explanation: The Current Specialist class serves no purpose for Spetsnaz as the current loadout has the AK-47, HK G36C, Serbu Shorty, Flash Grenade, and a smoke grenade. With these changes, the class will not just be a base upgrade from the Spetsnaz Trooper but instead be a close quarters breaching class. 
    • New Loadout String: ma85_wf_shg41 , khr_makarov , cw_flash_grenade , salute , keys

    Spetsnaz: Heavy

    • New Model String: models/russianbear2345/bf3/support_ru.mdl | New Model for Spetsnaz Heavy
    • Suggested Loadout: PKM,PM, Smoke Grenade
    • Explanation: The removal of RPG is necessary as the consequences of having a class with 10 slots will only cause issues. Even if we are strict with giving out the Heavy with the RPG, it only causes frustration for opposing factions/branches. Duel and myself have seen what happens when only 3 people have an RPG; I cannot fathom what would happen to a full server with 10.
    • New Loadout String: cw_pkm , khr_makarov , cw_smoke_grenade , salute , keys

    Spetsnaz: Mechanic

    • Remove the Mechanic Class as it serves no real purpose for Spetsnaz. In RP, no one would be an Elite Spetsnaz Mechanic that would be more of a job of a mechanic in RU Army to repair a vehicle. If the mechanic class must stay, replace the Serbu Shorty with the SR-2 Veresk and replace the model to make it fit in with the rest of Spetsnaz. Also get rid of the flash and smoke grenades.
    • New Model String: models/russianbear2345/bf3/engie_ru.mdl | New Model for Spetsnaz Mechanic
    • New Weapon: SR-2 Veresk | Stats for the SR-2 Veresk
    • Weapon String: khr_veresk
    • Suggested Loadout: Veresk, PM, Wrench
    • New Loadout String:  khr_veresk , khr_makarov , vc_wrench , salute , keys

    Spetsnaz: Marksman

    • Current Weapon: Orsis T-5000 | Current Stats for the Orsis T-5000
    • Stat Change: Increase the Orsis Damage 125 | This makes the Orsis a one shot headshot even if they have a max health improvement. If that proves to be overpowered, the damage increase could be reduce to only 100 which still makes it a one shot to basic infantry if to the head. The orsis currently would require a headshot and a body shot to kill someone, which is hard to do with the movement speed and the bolt action fire rate.

    Spetsnaz: Commander, Executive Officer

    • New Weapon: AK-103 (Warface)
    • Weapon String: ma85_wf_ar04 | AK-103 (Warface) Stats
    • Suggested Stats: Drop Damage to 38, Decrease Aim Accuracy to 97%
    • Loadout Changes: Removal of the Serbu Shorty, add the nerfed AK-103
    • Explanation: The current weapon for these classes is the VSS Vintorez. The VSS has a high DPS due to its rate of fire, but lacks accuracy at most ranges leaving it useless to most encounters. 
    • New Loadout String: ma85_wf_ar04 , cw_vss , khr_makarov , m9k_rpg7 , cw_flash_grenade , cw_smoke_grenade , cw_frag_grenade , salute , keys

    Spetsnaz: Officer

    • New Loadout String: ma85_wf_ar04 , khr_makarov  , cw_flash_grenade , cw_smoke_grenade , cw_frag_grenade , salute , keys


    Why should this Suggestion be accepted?: 

    We decided on suggesting the entire overhaul for RU Spetsnaz for a couple reasons. First would be that there's an issue with model synchronization. The classes thematically on Spetsnaz don't look anything like one another, and gives off a weaker vibe than if every model had a certain look to it. Three of the models on Spetsnaz are even used in other branches. Second is appeal. The models look ugly and out of place, ranging from hazmat suit to Chappy whilst in a junkyard wasteland.  The US also don't have anything resembling it, making them look off, especially in relation to the server's map, which temporary or not, isn't helping the cause.


    In terms of these replacement models, we're fully aware they don't have a futuristic tone to them. I completely understand that the theme of the server is to be WW3-futuristic, but with the models that are present in Garry's Mod and with the US counterparts, I feel like practically aiming for that theme and appeal isn't the best way to go. The US don't have anything on their side that bears any relation to future technology in their model looks, and even finding ones that do for both sides is next to impossible. We decided to go for models that looked as modern as possible instead, and think that having the active use of drones on the server is really what's going to push for that post-realistic atmosphere. The models all look similar as well, giving the branch character and notice-ability both in wartime and outside it.


    For the weapons, these feel lackluster as well. The AK-74 is really generic, the Serbu Shorty + HK G36C are incompetent weapons overall, and that's in relation to other CW weapons, let alone Warface. Out of the three prominent factions of RU Army, Aerospace, and Spetsnaz, Spetsnaz is themed to be Special Forces on the ground, and the guns really don't reflect that.


    Finally, we decided to make the first step in what could be a cool trend for branches on the server, which is tying their weapons to specific purposes. This is obviously to an extent since branches realistically represent armies which have entire arsenals, but tweaked slightly with the Specialist class and possibly a couple other classes to resemble their proficiency. It's a delicate balance, because if a whole faction is specialized, it loses variability within its branch. If every class is completely different however, then it turns into factions being carbon copies at worst, or at best doesn't represent the RP equivalent they're based on.


    You’ll notice for the classes we decided not to have two primaries. This for a couple reasons. One was because, since the server operates on the wartime system, weapons balancing needs to be structured rigidly to make sure one side isn’t more overpowered than the other, meaning it’s easier to balance with only one primary. The bigger reason is that we want classes to signify their role. The more primaries the more all-purpose they can become, which dilutes the point of having different classes. Also at times, it’s just redundant, with one of the primaries never being used at all. For the commander and executive officer class, we left it with two primaries that give it a much more all purpose feel, as it is a class that only 2 people can get and becoming a CO or XO means you have worked you way up through the faction proving yourself above other. Which also adds for the drive to become an officer and hopefully a CO or XO.

    Do you have any screenshots/lore/etc to back up your suggestion and argument? If so, please post here:

    Lore wise we have tried to keep everything within what the current Spetsnaz and Russian Special Forces use. 


    @Duel For being such a huge help with this entire thing. <3 Duel-Chan

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    @Prota Please reformat your suggestions to include full loadout strings. I.E. You say "Recommended loadout", however these weapon identifiers are not given.

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    Entire Loadout string has been added. Note the Marksmen class has no changes as its only a stat change.

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    Changed Status to Accepted

    Changes to statistics will not be immediate, please for the time assign whitelists for your branch with this in mind.


    All new models, and loadouts will be effective at 8:30PM Eastern Time tonight.

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