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Found 10 results

  1. I know there's a few people out there that aren't major fans of the AMRP, and I can't say I disagree. At least in it's early stages it's a mess. Given that, I have a backup of the classic MRP that can be provisioned. But the ideas that were brought up before are still on the table. So vote for what gamemode you'd like to see. If it's not a poll option feel free to reply to this topic with your idea, and the members can upvote or downvote your reply to show feedback. The poll will close on the 14th, so don't wait to vote. Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone! There is going to be a re-brand happening for ShadowICT, if you wish to includes your ideas into making a new logo and theme feel free to leave a comment below! Thank you for your support of our community. #Puar2019
  3. A lot has happened in the past year. We've had our highs and we've had our lows, and this year we are coming back with a vengeance. Thank you to the people of the community who in which have stayed dedicated to our cause, constantly pushing myself and @Kahoot to revamp services. Some of the ideas we've had are simply amazing in theory, but hard to execute due to real life conflicts (myself personally working full time in logistics is a killer, but that's a different story) Part One: Game Server Operations In the next few months, SICT will be revitalizing certain projects. Among the list is MilitaryRP, which we were originally planning to scrap. After a poll was announced, we got a good amount of responses within an hour that screamed "pls, bring back MRP". As of now we are reworking the content packs for the MilitaryRP (the current content pack will always be available in the forum footer under main menu), followed by reworking rank structure and reorganizing the entire project as well as the network. Part Two: Hosting Operations We have established shared and dedicated website hosting for all audiences. Whether you're a blogger, a community that needs a landing page or discussion platform, a developer who needs git repo(s), and anything/everything in between, we have hosting packages to accommodate your needs. Feel free to open a support ticket for help/options. All of which includes email free of charge. If you require more powerful email, licensing and hosting of Exchange 2016 is available via a support ticket and custom quote. All hosting packages are currently powered by our France Network. We are planning to extend the hosting capacity of the network to areas like London, North America, Germany, and other Oceanic areas such as Asia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. We are currently working on the automation that will be responsible for the provisioning of Virtual Private/Virtual Dedicated/Bare Metal Dedicated Servers. There is currently no ETA on the availability of these systems. If you wish to inquire about server options prior to automation being completed please open a support ticket. The same applies for dedicated game server hosting. At this point in time we have no plan/interest in providing TeamSpeak 3 due to licensing costs and the pure pain of a process to (re)acquire an ATHP designation, and the fact that alternatives like Discord exist. Part Three: Security/Crypto We have been working on security and crypto non-stop behind the scenes, because that is who we truly are at our core. We have established more advanced filtering rules to help mitigate malicious activity incoming to our network, as well as upgraded certain areas of encryption. The idea is in the future, staff will be able to identify themselves to services based on fingerprints provided by their computer systems, and to increase the security for transactions. We expect by this time next year to have a shiny green bar when visiting any ShadowICT Official Service. In addition, we have implemented new vulnerability scanners that are utilized for our hosting clients. If our scanners find anything that may jeopardize the security of your website, you will be notified by email, discord, or phone. Part Four: Staffing We will be actively seeking out members of our community who are interested in staffing the network on all levels. Whether it's a game server moderator/administrator, sales/technical/customer support for the hosting division, or ranks of executives/directors who oversee respective divisions, we will be taking on people in all of these positions. Please note at this time ALL of these positions are volunteer. This MAY change in the future depending on the success of other projects, therefore if you would like to start collecting pay at a time in the future this is a good incentive to help revitalize our projects.
  4. NETWORK OVERHEAD: Condense all services patch notes into ShadowICT Network releases DISCORD: Slight permission changes to staff channels DISCORD: Introduce ShadowBot, a custom bot unique to ShadowICT that provides statistical information for our services such as player counts on the MilitaryRP/TF2. Further features are to be added at a later date. In addition, we are allowing feature suggestions for SB in #HelpCentre on Discord. Community Forums: Add an Application System for Developer positions. The physical applications themselves are not yet accessible. MilitaryRP: Update to the Donation IPN to remove the purchase of credits. This allows us to run sales on the actual price of packages rather than the credit price which we deemed was misleading. Introduce the ability to openly donate a custom amount for no perks, or a custom amount of $85 or more for God Tier donations (upon request of the community) CWRP: Update to the Donation IPN to remove the purchase of credits. This allows us to run sales on the actual price of packages rather than the credit price which we deemed was misleading. Introduce the ability to openly donate a custom amount for no perks. We are working on constructing donator packages for the CWRP, including custom factions and battalions. Community Forums/DISCORD: Prepare for Discord Integration Update. Upon testing we have found that the Discord Integration is not currently removing roles as it should be (example if a person has a tag on Discord that does not exist on the forums, it is supposed to be removed from the Discord user) Donation IPN: Begin working on VIP-Staff packages. And this does not mean you can buy staff. The idea behind this is to allow staff who are donators to keep both titles, as an example a moderator who is a donator as well would be granted a "donor_moderator" group rather than having their staff rank removed at the time of donation. View full release
  5. As of late I've been going over our current resources and what we can do with them. After a good amount of determination the following adjustments shall be made Senior Staff Internal Communications will be moved to a cloud deployment Directors and Founder's Team Internal and Confidential Communications will be kept on-premise for security and compliance regulations. VoIP deployments within the ShadowICT Network are being rerouted to reduce load times and usage. Game Server Operations will be expanding with the newly freed up server power. The expansions within GSO shall be announced at a later date. Stay tuned.
  6. We've made a few changes to the Community to Discord Integration, which involves a few permission changes on the Discord Server as well. Usernames will now be synchronized from the forums to Discord. Permissions to manage/change nicknames on Discord have been revoked. Changing your Discord name will not be persistent any longer, name changes are now dependent of the forums. Staff are no longer able to override the link requirement of your community forum account with Discord. Permissions are solely granted by the forums. Before linking your community account to Discord, make sure you have verified your email address on Discord or the authentication link WILL FAIL.
  7. A recent chain of events has caused a serious consideration for a veteran ShadowICT staff member. With that said, we'd like to congratulate @SierraKomodo on her promotion to Operations Director. Sierra holds the second highest Director rank, and may make administrative decisions as seen fit. Sierra has served ShadowICT for seven years and counting, with multiple job descriptions, and is long deserving of this position. Sierra has previously been the Abuse & Compliance Director, IRC Network/Services Administrator, Web Application/Framework Developer, Security Developer, and many other titles. Congratulations, and thank you for everything you do.
  8. In the past few days I've been absent, however a few of our community members stepped up to the plate and are running things while I'm not around. With this said, I'd like to congratulate the following @Nomad our new Community Manager. Nomad has been tirelessly developing, optimizing and bug testing every last bit of code that's gone into the military server. @Gazz/Brenn our new Trainer Director, as well as Head Administrator. Working closely with Nomad in his testing procedures. To be clear, @Nomad is treated as the second in command under the founder's team. Insubordination can lead to repercussions as per director discretion. Other promotions @Marcus to senior moderator, very good activity in comparison with others on the staff team.
  9. To assist in maintaining privacy of our users, we are moving donation help to the formal support system. In addition to having the support option on the Donation Website, you may now also open support tickets for Donation Help by visiting and providing the required information to assist you. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.
  10. We have added a support section within the ShadowICT Headquarters for all of our services. Here, the posted topics will be considered questions in which the community may vote on the best answer, allowing both official support staff and P2P (Peer to Peer) support discussions. Note that abuse of this forum (such as trolling etc) shall lead to the suspension of your privilege to use the support forum.