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Found 8 results

  1. We have updated the Discord Integration systems between the community forums and discord. This update should now permit members to register, as well as sign in with Discord. In addition to account related functions, announcements and service alerts made by executives and engineering will now be relayed to the Discord through a web hook, therefore automating announcements and ensuring the same announcements can be found in numerous areas. We are currently aware of a possible bug where the integration removes and replaces tags randomly. While this may be annoying, the integration still works as intended.
  2. DISCORD: Upgraded Discord Integration. DISCORD: Restructured roles for automation DISCORD: Added roles for Executives, Trainer's Division, and other divisional roles to simplify the process of assigning permissions to channels. Community Forums: Recreated Post Author info pane. Community Forums: Added Donor tag to author postbit Community Forums: Added profile options to specify roleplay branches Community Forums: Removed feature to disable private messenger This feature was impractical as this interrupts the chain of communication between directors and staff, as well as the rest of the community. Community Forums: Implemented Affiliate/Partner/Sponser carousel framework View full release
  3. ShadowICT Community Change Log 2-12-2018 ========== 1. Automate announcement postings for patch notes and feature plan additions 2. Fix discord integration error due to insufficient permissions from the bot. 3. Prepare to divide staff into division roles rather than by individual ranks. 4. Enable Automation Rules - Save definitions for a different day. (Implement automation for tasks usually carried out by directors) 5. Alter new member defaults 6. Enable custom notifications system for broadcast alerts from Engineering and Automation services 7. Test run Awards System 8. Adjust navbar to add icon to the awards menu item 9. Add Compliance Administrator to group listing 10. Prepare to introduce more tailored staff pages per division. 11. Add framework to introduce Head Administrator/Divisional Leader ability to add and remove lesser rankings of staff through the MCP, eliminating the need for a director to control ranks. 12. Enforce Two Factor Authentication requirement for Head Administrator+ or any other group in which is granted Moderator permissions on the forum. Please setup an application, such as Authy (recommended) before receiving forum moderation permissions. Security questions are not recommended. View full release
  4. We've upgraded the community engine, as well as our integrations. This upgrade to the Community introduces Game Server Rank Synchronization. If you are added to a group in-game and have linked your Steam to the SICT Community Website, your forum group will be updated automatically. Global Rank Synchronization may now be achieved with the linking of your TeamSpeak 3 Unique ID (UUID), Discord Account, and Steam Account. The Battlegroups system has been formally introduced. This allows branch commanders to operate a separate portion of the forums with dedicated resources for their branch such as forums, screenshots, etc. If you need a battlegroup created, or features added, please open a Support Ticket. View full release
  5. Community 1.0.3 View full release
  6. Community 1.0.2 View full release
  7. Community 1.0.1 View full release
  8. Community 1.0.0 View full release