Please note the following before proceeding

  • Rank Synchronization requires additional setup, and this setup is required if you wish to become staff, be recognized as a donator, and/or fully use our services (such as TeamSpeak, Discord, etc)
  • Private messaging any Executive Staff, Director, or member of the Founder's Team without explicit permission to do so will result in possible termination of your account.
  • Once you submit this form, your provided information, including your username, e-mail address, and IP address will be checked against various databases that provide information in which helps us combat spammers and other people with malicious intent. If you do not consent to this check, do NOT register.
  • Anyone registering with the ShadowICT Community for the sole intention of causing grief, trolling, or committing espionage shall not only be banned from the ShadowICT Community, but will also be placed within our firewall blacklists. In addition, ShadowICT's Management fully reserves the right to contact your Internet Service Provider with any any all information as our logs permit should you be attempting to circumvent a ban in attempts to cause mayhem.

  • Press CTRL+I on TeamSpeak to get your UUID.
    If using TeamSpeak or higher, you additionally have to click on the 'Go Advanced' link.