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  1. Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:151438310 Length of Leave: I can't answer that right now Reason for LOA: Medical
  2. Steam Name: Drill Sergeant Jones Oddball Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:151438310 In-Game Name: Drill Sergeant Jones Oddball Staff Rank(if applicable):O.A. Faction Leader Position you are applying for: Nikolai Chernikov Hours on Server: 154.05 Hours Experience in RP: I've play as RU Aerospace Commander Before and many other jobs with the server. Experience in MedicRP: Ive have had experience as a medic before,but I'm a little rusty on my rp and I don't mind a refresher Knowledge of Biology(1-10):8 Knowledge of Quantum Physics(1-10): 4 [QUESTIONS] Just put a () around your answer: You are approached by a frenzied scientist, who yells, "I'm going to put my quantum harmonizer in your photonic resonation chamber!" What's your response?(1) 1."But doctor, wouldn't that cause a parabolic destabilization of the fission singularity?" 2."Yeah? Up yours too, buddy!" 3.Say nothing, grab a nearby pipe and hit the scientist in the head to knock him out. For all you knew, he was planning to blow up the area. 4.Say nothing, but slip away before the scientist can continue his rant. While working as an intern in the Clinic, a patient with a strange infection on his foot stumbles through the door. The infection is spreading at an alarming rate, but the doctor has stepped out for a while. What do you do? (3) 1.Amputate the foot before the infection spreads 2.Scream for help 3.Medicate the infected area to the best of your abilities 4.Restrain the patient, and merely observe as the infection spreads Congratulations! You made one of the Only Surviving baseball teams! Which position do you prefer? (1) 1.Pitcher 2.Catcher 3.Designated Hitter 4.None, you wish there was a soccer team Do you Consent to the following terms: No Abuse of Power No Unneeded boasting Don't be a dick No Powergaming Don’t Abuse the fact that you can't die Answer: (Yes) Signature(your rp name): Drill Sergeant Jones Oddball
  3. Oddball

    LUA Errors

    There is lua errors in the server which is causing script errors
  4. Oddball

    Server Wartime hub

    The server wartime hub is glitched for everyone mine is stuck on 11:54 but for everyone its on 00:00
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  6. Oddball

    +1 He is beautiful man (NO HOMO) lol
  7. Steam Name: Drill Sergeant Jones Oddball Steam ID(STEAM_0:0:151438310) Name: CTRM USMP SGT Oddball Jones/ CTRM RU Aerospace CO RUSKA.*Use to be RU Aerospace Commander* What branch would you like to apply for?: United States Marine Corps. Why do you want to be a Commander?: At first i was not interested at all to take the responsibility of Commander. But after giving it some brief thought and looking at how the RU Aerospace is currently doing, I'd say, it is a joke. A straight up joke. I'm not really happy with the current status of the RU Aerospace on the Military RP server, and believe that I should be taking the position of Commander to make some new changes that will improve the RU Aerospace into a new environment. Why would we accept you to be capable of commanding a branch?: I have past experiences as an officer/commander. I started to be more on the team player side than the doing my own thing as a USMP. I've tested my leading skills on the server by leading the US during wartime. I am also capable because I have made some plans I want to implement, and make the USMC look like they're actually the USMP. I'm more planning on making a tryout document that will be harder to pass, because I'm not interested in letting people pass easily. I want people to pass who actually memorize these things and are experienced with knowing the rules. Being strict sees a harsh term, but, it is necessary when to give the right punishment in cases of a Marine being an absolute idiot in front of the public. So far I've created the RU Aerospace roster, and I'm currently working on a tryout document. Not to mention, I am most likely creating additional Training they can use to grow in rank and in server. Why should we pick you than the other applicants?: Surprisingly, even though I live at the other side of the world, I seem to be more active than most people here. Making me aware of whatever is going on that I need to be for. I have a pretty good understanding of the lore, I study the RU Aerospace, and it's SF groups in my own time and study their training and warfare development giving me the ability to understand how this branch of works and implement the special sub branches within. Now, this is more of a type of question where people can bullshit you easily. And you may or may not believe me, but, the RU Aerospace need some shaping up, and I really want to take this opportunity to do so. Anything else you would like to add?: I enjoy helping those on the server and in the Irl and I am a dependable person.
  8. How's it going duel needs to learn how to update status help him plz

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  9. Welcome to ShadowICT! Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. We've sent you a PM to go over some common first steps after joining.