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  1. Community 1.0.3

    Fixed a bug with the Discord Integration causing errors upon the creation, edit, or deletion of forums Fixed a bug with the Discord Integration causing errors upon the deletion of member accounts Fixed a bug with the Discord Integration causing errors when editing your account in the UCP Fixed a bug with the Discord Integration causing system errors when attempting to synchronize Discord nicknames with Community Nicknames Fixed a bug with the Header Menu "going away" when hovering over a drop-down list Minor style-sheet improvements on the Network Feature Plan and other miscellaneous portions of the site. Enhanced Security to any person with moderation permissions Added new layer of security for any person with administrative permissions Disabled various functions for security reasons Changed Image Library Handler to ImageMagick for better picture and thumbnail quality Improved Cache methods, enable PageSpeed, enable third party caching module Restructure and Repair SQL data
  2. Community 1.0.3 View full release
  3. Today ought to be fun. At least I'm not as sick as I was a couple hours ago.. but still. This is gonna suck.

  4. We've made a few changes to the Community to Discord Integration, which involves a few permission changes on the Discord Server as well. Usernames will now be synchronized from the forums to Discord. Permissions to manage/change nicknames on Discord have been revoked. Changing your Discord name will not be persistent any longer, name changes are now dependent of the forums. Staff are no longer able to override the link requirement of your community forum account with Discord. Permissions are solely granted by the forums. Before linking your community account to Discord, make sure you have verified your email address on Discord or the authentication link WILL FAIL.
  5. I've noticed this issue as well. It's not an issue on mobile clients which is a good thing. Everything I've come across points to the responsive layout and different screen sizes. I'll continue to play with the nav menu but it's not a major concern as of now.
  6. A recent chain of events has caused a serious consideration for a veteran ShadowICT staff member. With that said, we'd like to congratulate @SierraKomodo on her promotion to Operations Director. Sierra holds the second highest Director rank, and may make administrative decisions as seen fit. Sierra has served ShadowICT for seven years and counting, with multiple job descriptions, and is long deserving of this position. Sierra has previously been the Abuse & Compliance Director, IRC Network/Services Administrator, Web Application/Framework Developer, Security Developer, and many other titles. Congratulations, and thank you for everything you do.
  7. Military 1.0.4

    Rewrite "Request Assistance" function in F4 Menu and Scoreboard. Requesting assistance from any online staff via right click will now open the ticket dialog, regardless of the requestor's ULX group. Reskin the DarkRP notifications and modernize such. Fix to a grammatical error in the jobs file Prepare server for turret emplacements Add Dab, Salute, Surrender, Face Punch, and Middle Finger sweps. Prepare to introduce salute swep for all jobs. Unlike prior salute sweps, this one is actually correct. Remove the GameMode Author line from scoreboard/menu. No one cares. Add New Player Models to prep for Spec Forces Update Add New Military Vehicles Minor updates to Russian Army Job Names Fix RU Army Machine Gunner Model Fix RU Guard Model Add better third person handling of flashlights Add environmental effects for physguns (local area illumination) Attempt to fix Team Radio module. Author does not know how to write proper SQL queries. Introduction of Special Operations Command jobs for the United States as described below US Army: US Army - Special Forces US Navy: US Navy - SEALs USMC: USMC Marines Special Operations Command (MARSOC) US Air Force: US Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) US Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) Two representatives from each branch in which have been elected by their Commander may be tested and trained to become a JSOC Operator Task Force 121 (United States Black Operations) Hand picked by the Founder only. Players may be recommended for black ops by a three star general or greater. Spetsgruppa (Russian Federation Black Operations) Hand picked by the Founder only. Players may be recommended for black ops by a three star general or greater.
  8. Military 1.0.4 View full release
  9. Community 1.0.2 View full release
  10. Community 1.0.2

    Update Staff Directory, include Executives (Division Leaders, Executive Assistants, and Operations Administrators), and HaloRP Staff Prepare HaloRP section pending release of the HaloRP server. Resynchronize all ranks and titles Officially add Bug and Suggestions Trackers Minor code edit to topic view to show similar content and popular threads Introduce Ban Synchronization from Discord, TeamSpeak, and all source engine game servers Implement the Discord bot "ShadowICT Bot", allowing Discord bans to reflect on community forum accounts. Add NCG, SICT, and other various TeamSpeak tags to forum usergroups to allow role synchronization Add framework to synchronize in-game staff rank with forums
  11. For the next week, we are offering 25% off Diamond, Platinum, and God ranks. Go get your high tier donator ranks while you can.
  12. Optional for all members, but required for any staff ranked Head Administrator or higher, you now have the option of using the Google Authenticator or a Question & Answer. Your selection of questions as well as your answers, and Google Auth, may be controlled through your User Control Panel (UCP) under the Account Security tab. If you are within a group in which MUST activate 2FA, you will be prompted when accessing a sensitive portion of the community site. All non-required groups otherwise may prompt you to enable it, but it is not required.
  13. I'm not ashamed of my mistakes. I walked the path I had to take, it's made me who I am today.