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  1. @Marcus has shown great loyalty to Dom and the server by always bring active even when the majority of the staff think it's ok to take a week off without notice or good reason. Those that have told Dom they will not be on like @Saoirse and the others (you know who you are) at least let him know. Is like to put forward that if there is anything I do or a decision that I make that any of you have an issue with and you can't resolve it with me first. Then I urge you to take the matter to Dom and he can make the final decision. Let's get this server where it's meant to be, the top MilitaryRP server on Gmod. Those that are interested in joining onto the team to make a MilSim let me know in discord pm I'll send you a discord server link to my company discord. For now be active and as always FRAG OUT! Nomad Heatwave Game Studios