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    -1 ive heard about this too
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    Steam Name: Hreg Greffly Steam ID( RP Name: USN SA Hreg Geffley What branch would you like to apply for?: US Navy Officer Why do you want to be a Commander?: Because the current Navy has no one in the roster (if I'm correct) I would be able to shape up the Navy with a lot of experience in other servers with officer work. Why would we accept you to be capable of commanding a branch?: Because of the reason that im the only person in my branch also I have lots of time playing and leading MRP factions Why should we pick you than the other applicants?: there are no other applicants and I have a lot of experience on leading factions from other servers, making docs, making tryouts, etc. Anything else you would like to add?: I have about 2500+ hours on Gmod and about 1.3k are on mrp servers.