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  1. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:147843710 Length Of Absence: At Least a week until I get paid. Possibly more. Reason For LOA: The LMB on my mouse has stopped functioning, and I currently do not have the time or funds to get a new one. I said this on the discord, but it is going on long enough that I will need an LOA.
  2. Name: Gamma Ray Bug: The "Master Sergeant Major" Donator Class is Spawning in US Base Pics included below.
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    [Suggestion] MRP - Add the Mk 11 Mod 0

    In-Game Name: TRR USMC CO Gamma Ray Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:147843710 Suggestion putting forward: Adding a weapon known as the MK 11 Mod 0 to the current weapons on the server. ALSO KNOWN AS THE SR-25. Link: Why should this Suggestion be accepted?: The Mk 11 is a sniper used by many units within the US Military. I have included a link to an Mk 11 that runs on CW 2.0 which is what the MRP server currently runs. Adding this adds a long, precision rifle which can be used as both a DMR and a Sniper. This presents many new opportunities for engagements with US Military personnel. With a little work from our outstanding DEV team this could be a wonderful edition to the list of usable weapons. Do you have any screenshots/lore/etc. to back up your suggestion and argument? If so, please post here: Many US Branches and Units use the MK 11 including but not limited to: The United States Marine Corps The United States Navy The Unites States Army (Uses the upgraded M110 SASS, which was the replacement of the Mk 11 Mod 0, however they are very similar) The United States Coast Guard SEAL Teams and DEVGRU MARSOC (Again using the M110 SASS) Attached are the Base Stats of the weapon, and the model. The stats will need to be altered to be comparable with similar weapons.
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    +1 Good player, knows his stuff small green letters mean the most
  5. Garbage Ray

    Your in-game name: TRR USMC CO Gamma Ray Your SteamID( STEAM_0:0:147843710 Your Time-zone: Easterb How long have you played the server? (!playtime in game): 9.1 Hours Why would you like to be a staff member?: Mostly to keep things in line, should I ever find myself alone on the server. Also it would make it much quicker to whitelist, since I am CO of USMC. I think it would be much simpler if I could do it myself so other staff can do more important things. What is your availability? Most week days, and almost every weekend all weekend. I would also be on very late on weekends. Why should we pick you over any other applicants?: I have plenty of prior experience staffing. I know the ins and outs of MRP like the back of my hand, and can easily resolve situations without involving higher level staff. Unlike staff on other servers I will show no favoritism and I will not be a Nazi about the rules. Do you have any other experience moderating? Moderator: Icefuse MRP | Head Mod: Traitor's Play Ground (long dead TTT server) | Trial Mod: Dark RP Do you have TeamSpeak and/or Discord?: Both Have you linked your TeamSpeak Unique ID to your forum account? ( No Have you linked your Discord to your forum account? ( Yes Do you have a working microphone?: Yes Did anyone refer you to apply?: Tre and Tex Are you a trainer? If not, are you willing to become one?: Yes Do you agree to follow our Rules & Policies?{Yes/No): Yes
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    Steam Name: Gamma Ray Steam ID( STEAM_0:0:147843710 RP Name: US Army PV2 Gamma What branch would you like to apply for?: United States Marine Corps Why do you want to be a Commander?: I have alot of experience leading players, and I have an extensive knowledge of the military. I have never been a commander before, however I think that I would do well, and would be honored to be the leader of an entire branch. Why would we accept you to be capable of commanding a branch?: I have experience as an officer on MRP, and am geniunely looking to make everyone, not just in my branch but the server as a whole, have a better RP experience. I am a tactical leader and thinker, and put others interests above my own. I have the ability to read people, and empathize with others. I am also a very dedicated person who goes through with his promises. I would make a very capable leader and could really elevate the USMC. Why should we pick you than the other applicants?: I have a vast knowledge of the US Armed Forces, and specifically the Marine Corps. I am also very active, and could be on most nights of the week, and for almost the whole weekend. I deeply care about those who are willing to put their trust in me. I am a serious person, and do not take matter lightly, which is a good atmosphere for a MRP server. However, I do know how to have fun, and think that I would add more to the server than other applicants. If I were to be accepted I would be a fiercely dedicated member of this server. Anything else you would like to add?: I have over 1000 Hours of MRP. I know almost all military terminology, weaponry, and equipment. I also given a few suggestions that I think have helped the server already. I hope you will consider my application and I thank you for your time.