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    <snip> I don't know how many times I need to tell you to calm down Bobby. Edit your reply with maturity. ~Tre
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    VOID The server is going to be undergoing MASSIVE changes so this application is Voided because this job will cease to exist, please apply again when the server is changed Thx
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    Changed Status to Closed
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    Im going to be revamping the server so this will be changed when the update comes
  6. Bobby

    Changed Status to Confirmed
  7. The Development Team is contemplating completely revamping the MRP for the better, We are going to change it from just RU vs. US. It is more like a post-apocalyptic Military Survival Roleplay, there is an actual story that you will discover as you play on the server, to reinforce the playerbase and try to keep it stable, All Sub-Factions/ Groups will be free to join and with donator classes in them so it isnt pay to win. Please note that this will COMPLETELY change the Military RP as you know it, Literally EVERYTHING will change, it will be completely different and Unique, If you dont want a sudden Change Message me and i will ease into the story slowly changing the server as the story unfolds, but if you think this is a horrible idea and should never happen in a million years please Vote no on the Poll. However if you like this Idea and think it should be effective Immediately then vote on the poll
  8. Welp the votes are in and its 12:3 so the revamp will take place shortly, expect changes in increments because this is a HUGE thing
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    No, I feel like we have enough Close to Long Range Rifles, I can see how this would be massively abused and a ton of people would complain, and i don't need that.
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    -1 OH HELL NAW First of all No, second No, and Third No. Twig if you are willing to take something seriously then OK but the position you are applying for is literally equal to General, like 4 Star dude, you would be right under Dom so oh FUCK NO dude, if you are active frequently and show actual RP skills then I will change my Mind.
  11. Im Going to be active on the forums too :D

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    It is done
  13. Bobby

    It Shall be done
  14. Bobby

    Changed Status to Accepted
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    The F8 Glevel Keys and Weapons have been removed for the following reasons: Citizens can get weapons that way It can be Massively Abused Can Be OP in Certain Situations
  16. The Development Team has plans in play to revamp the server and introduce it via events and slowly ease into the new stuff also damn this was posted like almost a year ago
  17. Bobby

    -1 I have got reports that you are abusing power and flaunting that you are an officer, not cool dude, not cool.
  18. VOID There is already a CO of the Russian Spetznaz. Please Apply For a Different Position or Talk with the current Commander before applying again.
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    Network Overhead

    Maybe this but modern and the dude is in Fatigues
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    Steam Name: That Crispy Sock Under Your Bed Steam ID( RP Name: 31A SRT 2ndLt. 'Epsilon' What branch would you like to apply for?: Military Police Why do you want to be a Commander?: I want to see the server grow, and with growth comes unrest and i will tent to the sheep. Why would we accept you to be capable of commanding a branch?: I have tons and tons of experience and im a natural leader Why should we pick you than the other applicants?: There are no other applicants and i have tons of experience Anything else you would like to add?: Nope just want to see order in the server UwU My Eyes Have Seen Things Yours Have Not My Heart Has Burned In Ways Yours Cannot My Soul has Bled In Ways Yours Will Not The Will Nots, Cannots and Will Nots Are the Sheep Of Our Nation They Sheep Without Fear Because I am the Wolf That Keeps The Other Wolves At Bay
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    Thats Pretty Nice Dude