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  1. Name: Dutchie ] Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:233564645 Discord ID#TAG: An Angry Foreigner#6216 TeamSpeak UUID: Irrelevant as I don't have any staff/trainer related tags on TS. Final Date of Service (2 weeks from posting): I'd like it accelerated. Final Remarks: I haven't really found any dedication to play MilitaryRP, but that's not the only reason. I have to look for a new job, I got some school problems I need to focus on along with IRL problems. So, I got a messy schedule to deal with.
  2. Dutchie

    People take his autism too serious. I have seen him actually being serious and RP on other communities, and let me tell you right now, he is perfectly capable of being Admiral. He just needs to show it here. Also, there's a fine line between joking around and being serious in RP. If we're just going to be serious 24/7 then this would be the lamest community on Gmod.
  3. I was never able to post my status update until now. Jesus fucking Christ 

  4. Whoever doesn't vote "US vs N Korea" is a confirmed weeaboo
  5. I'm going to slap you if you poke me again

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    USMC Class Changes

    In-Game Name: TRM USMCFR FAST Col William // TRM Spetsgruppa RDY Anchorman Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:215512637 Suggestion putting forward: Changing the USMC classes up a bit. Why should this Suggestion be accepted?: For example the G3A3 in the USMC: Specialist job. I do not recall the USMC using the G3A3. M1911? Nope, and USMC marksmen definitely do not use the L115. So, i want some of these slightly changed up a bit. USMC Commander Add: khr_p226 (It's close to the SIG Sauer the USMC uses) Remove: Desert Eagle, and Five-Seven. USMC Captain Add: khr_p226, and i want the job to be renamed "USMC Officer" Remove: Five-Seven USMC Lieutenant Add: N/A. Remove: The entire job. This job literally serves the same purpose of USMC Captain. But people who become a Officer get access to it more easily, and i don't see the point of that. So, a very unnecessary job. USMC Mechanic Add: khr_p226 and replace the current model with models/pmc/pmc_3/pmc__14.mdl Remove: The current model, and replace it with the one specified in the "add" above. And the M1911 USMC Machine Gunner Add: models/pmc/pmc_3/pmc__13.mdl & khr_p226, Remove: The current model and replace it with the one suggested in "add" above, and the M1911 USMC Specialist Add: khr_p226, khr_mp5a5, cw_m3super90 and cw_smoke_grenade, and model replacement: models/pmc/pmc_3/pmc__07.mdl Remove: MR96, and the G3A3, and the model replaced with the one above in "add" USMC Marksman Add: khr_m82a3, cw_m14, khr_p226 Remove: M1911, and the L115. USMC Medic Add: khr_p226, cw_g4p_m4a1 and model replacement: models/pmc/pmc_3/pmc__04.mdl and rename the job "USMC Corpsman." Remove: M16A2, M1911, and replace current model. The current weapon isn't wrong, but the CW version of it is a 3 burst fire, and that will discourage people from playing that class when the Medic plays a large role in a squad. Remove the "Medic" from the job name and rename it "USMC Corpsman" USMC Trooper Add: khr_p226, and model replacement: models/pmc/pmc_3/pmc__06.mdl Remove: M1911. Do you have any screenshots/lore/etc to back up your suggestion and argument? If so, please post here:
  7. Dutchie

  8. Dutchie

    SSO Suggestion

    In-Game Name: TRM Spetsgruppa RDY Anchorman // TRM USMCFR FAST Col William. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:215512637 Suggestion putting forward: Replacing the KSSO's currently used "SKS-D" with the Orsis T-5000. Why should this Suggestion be accepted?: Because the KSSO is suppose to be competing equivalent to the US' JSOC, they should be reasonably balanced with each other to make the most elite SF for both factions fair. Now, because JSOC has a SR-338 and the M95, leaving the KSSO with only the SKS-D as a marksman rifle is kind of unfair for the KSSO members who like to scope their enemies or use marksman/sniper rifles. That's why i want the SKS-D replaced with the Orsis, to make it more fair for both classes. I'm most likely suggesting to add the Warface one. But, that's up to whatever Tre feels fit. Do you have any screenshots/lore/etc to back up your suggestion and argument? If so, please post here:
  9. Dutchie

    MilitaryRP Staff Meeting

    Meeting will occur on TeamSpeak 3 in the Game Server Operations > MilitaryRP > Staff Meeting channel - If you do not have the TS3 URL for any reason, use this link: ts.shadowict.net Weekly SICT Staff Meeting. All staff are required to attend. If you cannot attend, RSVP appropriately and be sure to inform your chain of command as to why you cannot attend (Or leave a comment on this event with the reason). All attendees are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting. All staff who are Head Admin/Director and above are expected to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting to organize discussion topics. Note that the 2 hour time slot given may not be fully utilized depending on what needs to be discussed in the meeting - It's just to ensure everyone's available for that time period in case a meeting does last that long.
  10. Congrats, actually a director who will be active