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    9th Model and Weaponry Overhaul

    PLEASE EDIT YOUR MESSAGE AND FORMAT IT PROPERLY WITH THIS TEMPLATE! In-Game Name: Steam ID: Suggestion putting forward: Why should this Suggestion be accepted?: Do you have any screenshots/lore/etc to back up your suggestion and argument? If so, please post here: ---ORIGINAL CONTENT, DELETE THIS LINE AND DOWN ONCE YOU HAVE REFORMATTED YOUR SUGGESTION--- I would like to have the 9th be incorporated a bit more and considering it's tools and our job it simply won't work as some of our weapons don't do enough damage to take out an assassination target of any caliber half the time and also to give it a more lore friendly models to it. Suggested models are within this content pack: A weapon that I would like to first off change is the Fenris Energy Blade, while it's fun and unique I would like it to either be changed to this or to be buffed so it can actually act like a blade and eliminate a target. For the Pistol we have the Ember Pistol which is honestly a short ranged beam but I believe a better alternative that is better for the regiment is the tfa_westar_green which is labeled as Westar :CWA Alternative. For the Rifle I suggest moving it to the DC 15A Scoped as it's not only original but it provides a better outlook than the Heatwave Light Rifle. and Finally for the special weapon which is for the Officers and CO I reccomend changing it to the Dawn of Sorrow Sniper Rifle as an Assassin is meant to be either long ranged or a stealthy Fighter and I don't think a Grenade Launcher would do that for the Battalion. I would like to also bring up that Clone Assassins while were fast maneuvered Clones also used Cloaking Technology in case of infiltration missions. By All means I encourage feedback if you think a weapon here is too much or you have a general opinion on it go ahead.