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  1. Was paul blart a good movie

  2. In-Game Name: USN JSOC CDR Twig Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:98020010 Suggestion putting forward: Expand GMOD Server operations into a new game mode, WalkingDeadRP. Why should this Suggestion be accepted?: WalkingDeadRP is a popular concept, with notable daily players on the top server, there are currently 2 servers released within the gamemode, both lacking in content and replayability. The top server has a main military structure, and one custom military structure paid for by a player and made public, these military systems are enemies, with the addition of survivors, who can choose to be alone, or team up with other survivors. Supplies such as guns, spawn around the map are can be used to raid either of the existing military bases, or another survivors base, there are NPC zombies around the map, and once infected by them, your character begins to slowly lose health until you die, resulting in you coming back from death as a zombie with the ability to spread the infection to more survivors/military. There are many routes this server could take but the following is my personal favorite. The roleplay would be based on a Semi-peaceful time of the show, such has Alexandria(Or a made up town), with the roleplay intended to have a floating timeline. players could create their own survivor or have access to characters from the show (Possibly through donations), In this setup, players would venture from the safety of the base on supply runs, or raid other lone survivors who live outside.
  3. If you like chicken nuggets then like this post

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      @Kahoot is the human embodiment of a chicken nugget.

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    Don't think you understood this in the slightest, or took into account anything I said. Please contact me on discord.
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    +1 Would love to use this.
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    US Navy Class Changes-A Much Needed Overhaul

    I n-Game Name: TR USN JSOC CDR Twig / TR Spetsnaz RDY Twig Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:98020010 Suggestion putting forward: Naval Class changes (Located below) Why should this Suggestion be accepted?: The current Naval classes are extremely unappealing, and have little to no lore accuracy, this overhaul is an attempt to combine lore accuracy, with appealing weapons, to create appealing classes. Do you have any screenshots/lore/etc to back up your suggestion and argument? If so, please post here: Every weapon other than the ACR and M40A5 are in active service within the Navy. The M40A5 Is the closest weapon to the M24, so that is why it is included, as for the ACR, its not lore accurate, but it is appealing. NOTE: All content being suggested, is already in the server. Battalion: US Navy. Job: US Navy Admiral Weapon Strings: cw_m3super90,khr_p226, cw_g4p_m4a1, salute Weapon Name: M3 Super 90, SIG P226, M4A1,keys, Salute Playermodel string: models/kerry/merriweather3.mdl Health: Default Class Description: You are an Admiral for the United States Navy, you are the sole person responsible for the US Navy. (Same as before) Changes Made Additions +M4A1 +P226 +Keys Removals -G36C -Smoke Grenade -Frag Grenade Job: US Navy Captain Weapon Strings: cw_g4p_m4a1, khr_m92fs, ma85_wf_sr35, cw_frag_grenade,cw_smoke_grenade,salute,keys Weapon Name: M4A1, M92FS, M40A5, Frag Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Salute, keys Playermodel string: models/player/pmc_1/pmc__01.mdl Health: Default. Class Description: You are the captain of the US Navy. You are the highest in charge under the Admiral. Changes Made Additons +M4A1 +M92FS +M40A5 Removals -Desert Eagle -SCAR H -Orsis T-5000 Job: US Navy: Executive Officer Weapon Strings: cw_g4p_m4a1, khr_m92fs,cw_m3super90, cw_frag_grenade,cw_smoke_grenade,salute,keys Weapon Name: M4A1, M92FS Frag Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Salute, keys Playermodel string: models/player/pmc_1/pmc__03.mdl Health: Default. Class Description: You are an Executive Officer, for the US Navy. Changes Made: Additons +M4A1 +M92FS Removals -Desert Eagle -SCAR H Job: US Navy Specialist. Weapon Strings: cw_mp5,cw_g4p_masada_acr,khr_m92fs,cw_frag_grenade,cw_smoke_grenade,salute,keys Weapon Names: Masada ACR, M92FS, Frag Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Salute, Keys Playermodel string: models/player/pmc_1/pmc__04.mdl Health: Default Class Description: You are a Navy Specialist, for the US Navy. Changes Made: Additons +MP5 +Masada ACR +M92FS +Frag Grenade Removals -H&K UMP .45 -M3 Super 90 -FN SCAR H Job: US Navy Marksman Weapon Strings: ma85_wf_sr35,khr_m92fs,cw_smoke_grenade,salute,keys Weapon Name: M40A5, M92FS,Smoke Grenade, Salute, keys Playermodel string: models/player/ghillie.mdl Health: Default Class Description: You are a marksman, for the US Navy. Changes Made Additions +M40A5 +M92FS +Smoke Grenade Removals -G3A3 -Orsis T-5000 -P99 JOB: US Navy Mechanic [Remove] Please remove this class. JOB: US Navy Corpsmon Weapon Strings: cw_mp5, khr_m92fs,weapon_defibrillator,med_kit,salute,keys Weapon Name: HK MP5, M92FS, Defibrillator, Medic Kit, Salute, Keys Playermodel string:models/player/pmc_1/pmc__08.mdl Health: Default Class Description:You are a medic, for the US Navy Changes Made Additions +HK MP5 +M92FS Removals -H&K UMP .45 -P99 US Navy: Seaman (Rifleman) Weapon Strings:cw_g4p_m4a1, khr_m92fs, keys, salute Weapon Name: M4A1, M92FS. Playermodel string:models/player/pmc_1/pmc__10.mdl Health: Default Class Description: You are a rifleman, for the US Navy. Changes Made US Navy Rifleman now named US Navy Seaman Additions: +M4A1 +M92FS Removals -M16A2 -P99 New Class JOB: US Navy SWCC [Donator] (Machine Gunner Replacement) Weapon Strings:cw_m249_official,khr_p226,cw_g4p_m4a1, med_kit, cw_flash_grenade, cw_smoke_grenade, keys, salute. Weapon Name: M249, SIG P226, M4A1, Medic Kit, Flash Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Keys, salute Playermodel string: models/player/pmc_1/pmc__07.mdl Health: Default Class Description: You are a SWCC, for the US Navy. Changes Made US Navy Machine Gunner Renamed and replaced with US Navy: SWCC Additions: +M249 +M4A1 +Medic Kit +Flash Grenade +Smoke Grenade +SIG P226 Removals: -M249 Para -PM
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