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  1. Duel

    General Ranks Format

    Hey. Just as a disclaimer, I'll probably be spewing out a shitload of suggestions in the future, partially because I like to hear myself talk like the arrogant Philosophy student that I am, and they'll range anywhere from garbage to considerable. Also I didn't want to PM this because it'd just be these many paragraphs in the pms, and that'd be fucking annoying for both me and the person I'm suggesting it to. This specific one's just giving my input and food for thought on how Generals will be organised, and address in more detail than what I posted in Robot's recent thread. What I noticed in terms of the attitude with Generals and staff/responsibility is this; combining them will liken the probability of more qualified people filling in the position, but removing the two will flesh in more potential candidates that you can siphon through. For separating, as I mentioned in the last thread, it's mostly because older and more mature players have larger responsibilities (generally speaking) than younger players, which means the window of time they have to spend on server responsibility is less. That means they could burn out from their position quicker, do less of their full potential because of their division of labour server-side as well, etc. To find a neat balance in between the two, how about this: Each branch can theoretically have a CO as high as a General, and up to General, it's fully RP oriented, meaning you don't need to engage in staff matters. CO applications, once accepted, offer the CO a one-month term where they'd be reviewed for performance in aspects such as playercount, officer quality, engagement with enlisted, skills hosting occupations and war coordination, etc. Once their term is over and they apply again and are deemed fit for another term, they get promoted to the lowest General position (Ex: BrigGen). If they do well again and re-apply and become accepted, then the cycle can repeat until they hit General. The GA (General of Army/Field Marshal) for each side must be a high ranking staff member. This can be set to whatever Tre feels comfortable with, and they're directly appointed by Tre if not it being him himself. The GA's role is to monitor branches through RP matters, and accept/deny Commander apps and monitor progress, etc. The second highest rank (XO) is always capped at LtCol, so that the O-6+ ranks are there to strictly reflect the Commanding Officer. If a Commander is denied a second term, they'd be capped at LtCol. There'd be two LtCol positions, one for the new blood and one for the old, although to make sure there's a decent pool of candidates that may apply, applying should stay at CPT+. What this does is address a few things I noticed in my previous experience in MRP. One, and most importantly, it constantly keeps the leaders of branches engaged with the people in it. Not only are they held under review with the current CO application system, but their progression isn't halted there. They have the General ranks to look forward to. What this means is that their ranking as a CO directly reflects their abilities to lead and work as being the role model for those under them. What I've noticed during my time as being GEN of another server is that there's a difference of being an officer and a leader, and there's much to learn when you're "at the top". You have to work on everything, boiling all the way down to the confidence and articulation of how you speak in game, and what you say in specifics, and those rankings will reflect that. The ranks also symbolise a badge of honour. In between faction relations, it instils a level of competition with those leading factions to work well for their enlisted. For example, a newly appointed USMC Commander is now on the same playing field in terms of practical leadership as, for example, a Navy LtGeneral who leads their faction, but that rank shows a gap in skill in regards to leadership that can actually be measured, envied, and worked towards. *****Sorry I write so much, I just put as much as I thought needed to be said to articulate the idea clearly, and I've also got into the habit of having to write this much for suggestions because if I didn't, the higher-up staff and owner of the previous community would outright deny it without delving into the actual problem at hand. And yes, these will be how my suggestions will usually look, if not longer lmao***** Edit: OSHT WE HAVE A SUGGESTION SECTION NOW HYAAAAAAA
  2. Duel

    Wartime/Objective Altering

    In-Game Name: Duel Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:70631544 Suggestion putting forward: Move the civilian market objective down towards the red store Why should this Suggestion be accepted?: It adds more variety and fluidity when working through the town into an objective, and it creates a flow within town that players can follow. With how it is right now, the path to civilian market is a choke point that amounts to mid-range engagements with no cover, and most of the time it's awkward to try and flank/tackle the objective with it being in the corner and having to work around. It's more "quality of life", with pushing it to the red town having more options with tackling the objective, for both countries. For paths, the RU path can be from Civ School to the left side all the way to Hotel, and the flow from US going from Hotel to Warehouse to Market, with streets bleeding and leading into the middle objectives and the hills surrounding those "flows" via sniper support and cover. The building itself has more opportunities to flank and cover on sides, making it more interesting to take and capture. Do you have any screenshots/lore/etc to back up your suggestion and argument? If so, please post here: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/918042254506781491/D4FC47D8597F53A89F29778AB2D101DC0FDE6F3F/ Suggestion putting forward: Make the Bunker on the map an objective to capture Why should this suggestion be accepted: Well built bunker that can be a prime area for Occupations Fighting for the bunker attracts attention to the hills for engaging enemies, utilising more of the map's real estate than just the prime areas. Do you have any screenshots/lore/etc to back up your suggestion and argument? If so, please post here: Vro This Bunker is Cool Suggestion putting forward: Adding Objective Capture counter during wartime Why should this suggestion be accepted: Information is clearly available on who has more objectives and who's winning the war from it Do you have any screenshots/lore/etc to back up your suggestion and argument? If so, please post here: Get Ready to Be Amazed Suggestion putting forward: Standarize Objective Captures to Country-specific, not Branch-specific Why should this suggestion be accepted: Currently, no members of a country can be on a point together unless their on the same branch, or the cap will stall Members of the same country but on different branches can lower each other's caps, intentional or not, making it easier for enemies to cap Wars are country oriented and it fits under the theme considering the whole country is working as one during war Do you have any screenshots/lore/etc to back up your suggestion and argument? If so, please post here:
  3. Duel

    Squad Overlay

    In-Game Name: Duel Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:70631544 Suggestion putting forward: Changing the location of where it shows who's in your squad Why should this Suggestion be accepted?: It covers up the progression of capture points when on them, Do you have any screenshots/lore/etc to back up your suggestion and argument? If so, please post here: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/918041272123906399/CF0E70F73400BE3763796B962B81680733889230/
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