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  1. MacTavish

    +1, Has spent a lot of time with the server. I am confident he can handle the Position of Admiral.
  2. MacTavish

    +1 Seems to be a good RPer, from what I heard has experience
  3. You must be CPT+ to be able to apply for Commander. I am the Major in charge of all Special Forces as of right now (That was my rank before the server died) Steam Name: End Day Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:176545938 RP Name: Nemesis/Rattlesnake/Hotel What branch would you like to apply for?: United States Air Force Why do you want to be a Commander?: I enjoy flying and I consider myself good at it. I also have a few years of experience leading and organizing factions. I love to keep my RP tight while also allowing my men to have fun, because after all, whats a game for if we aren't having fun. Why would we accept you to be capable of commanding a branch?: I know how to keep my troops organized and I understand how to balance fun and RP. I have a lot of time on Gmod and a lot of experience in both staff and leading positions. I have played with the Gmod playerbase and I understand how to deal with the community. Why should we pick you than the other applicants?: I believe that while I have had some rough spots, I have showed dedication to the server, especially the MRP. I have taken some time to calm myself and mature and I know that I can effectively lead troops into combat. I love the MRP and I will do anything to keep the server up running, and my staff and players happy, and I believe that the best way to have that happen is to keep control on both the staff side and the server side. I was also the commander of all USAF Special Forces before the server went down, so I understand the classes, the people, and what I am up against. Anything else you would like to add?: Thank you for taking the time to read my application.
  4. Everyone there will be a new set of staff and RP rules for the Military Server.  This is to clear any confusion and they are to be followed to a tee.  If you have any questions about them please come to me.  I will be happy to clear things up. 

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      May want to post this as an announcement and not a status update - Most people probably don't check the 'all activity' feed like I do :P

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