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  1. Steam Name: [§ICT] Nums [Headadmin] Steam ID(https://steamid.xyz/): STEAM_0:1:196547442 RP Name: US Army PVT Nums What branch would you like to apply for?: Russian Guard Why do you want to be a Commander?: I see that there is limited space for CMD's left and I thought ah what the hell I should try to contribute everything I know about commanding a group of people to the Russian side of the war. Why would we accept you to be capable of commanding a branch?: I have had past experience leading people of this sorts. I was also a CMD on this server for a short time, and the leader of ST3 in Navy. Long story short I know my stuff. Why should we pick you than the other applicants?: Like I said I know my stuff about leading people. Not to mention I know how to discipline and how to recruit. I'm also very respectable. Anything else you would like to add?: Nein
  2. Welcome to ShadowICT! Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. We've sent you a PM to go over some common first steps after joining.