Military 1.0.3

Released 07/29/2017

Key Changes

As of this update, we have started optimizing all content on the server. In addition, new features have been added.


  • Fixed: Warning System. Staff may issue warnings to players, if a player reaches a certain warn threshold they will be removed from the server.
  • New: Scoreboard/F4 Menu
  • Added: Drilldo SWEP
  • Added: New handcuffing system in which will show all players if someone is handcuffed. In the future, spies may be given a counterfeit handcuff key to escape handcuffs.
  • Added: Realistic Damage. Headshots are more deadly, while shooting someone in the leg may cause them to limp. This also introduces new sounds when you are injured
  • Added: Conquest System. There are capture points located in both faction bases and around the map. As of current, the capture points recognize individual branches rather than factions. Until this behavior is modified, there is a new rule being introduced to avoid branches within the same faction fighting over capture points.
  • Added: ShadowICT Staff Mode. This will change staff's player model, remove their ability to deal damage, place the staff member in god mode as well as noclip. Staff Mode is required to run any administrative command.
  • Added: Military Police, RU/US Generals and the Russian Guard have access to new ELS-enabled vehicles
  • Added: Team Radio system, this allows branches who are issued radios (such as Military Police, Russian Guard, and Special Operations groups) to communicate using text and voice chat regardless of their physical location.
  • Modified: Damage to ELS vehicles has been nerfed. Security jeeps and other intercepters that are ELS equipped may take more damage before being destroyed
  • Modified: You may enter a destroyed vehicle (for the purpose of obtaining a wrench to fix said vehicle if you cannot locate a mechanic to do so)
  • Modified: The Staff Ticket System has been revamped. This allows players to use /ticket to open a ticket with staff, and allows staff to open a ticket with !staffticket. An indication of a new ticket will appear in chat and on the right hand side of a staff member's screen. To answer tickets, staff must enter the ticket system using /ticket and then right clicking on a ticket for their actions. This will provide a pop up of the details, with actions that may be taken. With the introduction of this system, the use of @ has been changed to staff chat. Players may also use @ to send messages to all staff but may not see this chat channel. Staff chat is made fully available at the rank of Moderator. (Trial Moderators cannot see staff chat)


Content that will be coming soon


  • Pointshop 2
  • Keypad and Keycard Scanners for doors, thus making jails more secure due to additional measures.
  • ASP, or Anti-Self Promotion. This module will prepend a player's rank insignia before their name in chat, as well as in their overhead HUD. These ranks may only be controlled by officers who are designated access to do so by their Commander, or staff.
  • New Leveling System with Prestige, perks and other rewards. Events planned by Game Masters have XP bonuses for participation and victory.
  • Causality Examination, this will allow medics, or base doctors to inspect a body to determine the exact cause of death so that they may properly take action in resuscitation, or to verify the total loss of life.
  • Invitation and Recommendation System, this will allow players to invite and recommend the server to their friends using a generated code. When an invited person joins the server, they will issue a chat command to use the referral code. This in turn provides bonuses to both the person who recommended the new player, and the new player alike. These bonuses may range from a permanent weapon unlock to additional in-game cash.
  • Compass to assist in navigation. It may not seem like much, but knowing what direction you're going in is half the battle.


As always, we welcome the community to input their suggestions and any bug findings.