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    Name: Duel Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:70631544 Discord ID#TAG: Duel#8626 TeamSpeak UUID: 87MIjaiJ2zZU0IfkC4wJ2aKLjDM= Final Date of Service (2 weeks from posting): March 2nd, 2018 Final Remarks: Yeah I feel like a dick for deciding this, especially after all the conversations, effort, and friendships I built, but I'm deciding to depart from the community. Plainly and clearly, it's because the friends I had come to be close with in my previous community are pressuring (?) me to come back. That's because a lot of the frustrations I'd come across with their inability to be open to different voices or opinions seems to have changed, and I've been continually surprised when hearing that suggestions I'd made months if not almost a year back had been acknowledged and implemented after my leaving. I'd also talked with the server owner who I had a rocky relationship with when I departed about matters, and he's opened up a lot compared to before. Again, progressing server and nice owner they have or not, it's really because I cherish the memories I had with the old bunch I played with, and want to re-live them. @Tre Dude you're a fantastic owner, and despite me only putting in around 100 hours worth of time into your server, the money spent on donations and supporting it I don't regret one bit. With your talent and the talent you have surrounding you, I don't doubt for a second the server'll become a powerhouse in this year. @TexEasily the most relateable guy in a position of power I know, you're an all-star in maturity and in your friendly attitude towards others. As soon as you said you're a fan of Halo I knew you were a superstar. @SierraKomodo I was making fun of your brownies because they look bad. I'm sorry but I would not eat those brownies. @BluI'm calling the cops stop dming me pedo (jk) @Anchorman You're a weeb, stop it. You're also an incredibly mature and talented staff member, and I picked up on that ever since I was aware of you in Kairos. Dom's right to put a lot of trust in you. @Twig Dom's gunna need a lot of your help in the future. The more I got to know you, the more I actually liked spending time with you. Last piece of note, gameplay complements RP not the other way around. Just make sure for Navy the weapons level out with the rest of the country, and if you can do that whilst keeping it 100% RP, then even better, but if not, it's not something to fret over. @Prota 1/10 Commander would not go gay for For the guys I didn't get to be friends with; Bogy, Drom, Robot, MacTavish; you guys seem pretty great and I had no real issues with all of you. Despite me not knowing you guys that much, I'll still miss fighting you guys in-game >:) Deuces guys, and best of luck with everything. Despite me leaving, I want to see you guys as a top-class MRP server because you guys honestly deserve it.
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    Given the latest chain of events, there has been a lot of restructuring that has been considered, and/or carried out by the higher ups. There was a recent probe done by Internal Affairs into the claims of executives, directors, and staff alike abusing privileges bestowed upon them that are intended to help the community and not harm it. After review of the evidence, we've decided it's time to start cracking down on staff. Effective immediately, the following is now in effect; Staff members, regardless of their position, are not entitled to any rank within roleplay. Earn it. You may only be affiliated with one branch, per faction. This means you cannot double dip and be part of the Air Force because you want to be cool and fly, as well as being a part of the Navy. Pick one and stick to it. Logging for edits made to whitelists have been enabled. Any staff found abusing whitelists will be banned. There is no such thing as an "Admiral", or "General", unless explicitly stated otherwise by me personally, or any of my delegates with my approval. (@Tex or @Kahoot) The ranks of CO and XO have been abolished. The commander's rank is a Colonel, while the XO's are Lieutenant Colonels (or equivalents for RU, or branches like the Navy) At this point in time, upon discretion, branch commanders who hold the rank of Colonel may be promoted to Brigadier General either through the application and interview process, or by the GA/GAS (General of the Army/Armies [5 or 6 star]) This is subject to change while we rework the structure of high command. Any staff in which is caught using a job (and yes, logging has been enabled for this as well) in which they do not have access to under normal circumstances (such as using a Freedom Fighter or Iron Eagle without donating) will be subject to immediate Administrative Segregation and removal from roleplay. The one and only exception to this is using FF/IE jobs for the purpose of an event with the permission from the Game Master who is in charge of the event. The role of Infrastructure Director has been created and delegated to @Juan who previously served as our Chief Developer and Engineer. The removal of the "Verified Member" tag on TeamSpeak has been completed. Staff are again, just like Discord, unable to override the automation process to verify a user on the TeamSpeak. You MUST link your Unique ID (UUID) via the Forums. The Community Leadership Management Division has been instated, and is currently in the process of establishing a code of conduct/ethics and responsibilities. This division is open for all staff of the rank of Moderator+. The ideology behind this division is to enable our staff team to hone in on their people skills as well as their leadership ability. The Resource Team Management Division has been instated, and is currently in the process of establishing a chain of command. The Resource Team is the group of people, staff or not, who meet and discuss suggestions that have been made, test them against real life military lore, and determine if a new idea is implemented. This team is also responsible for making educated suggestions that the members of the community may overlook. The addition of "Suspended Staff" and "Segregation" roles have been added on the forums and Discord. These roles are self explanatory. The Administrative, Disciplinary, and Questioning Segregation system has been released.
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    Your in-game name: Prota Your SteamID(https://steamid.xyz/):STEAM_0:1:46957730 Your Time-zone: EST How long have you played the server? (!playtime in game):3535 minutes about 59 hours Why would you like to be a staff member?: After playing on another Military RP for over 1300 hours, my only mistake was not getting involved in the community and staff team early on in my career. I am determined not to make the same mistake twice. I have staffed previously and find it enjoyable and rewarding so I want to experience that again. The few times I have helped setup events on that server really made me enjoy the administrative aspect of servers. What is your availability? I can play everyday around 6 pm to midnight on most days I can get on as early as 11 am. Why should we pick you over any other applicants?: My general level headed and unbiased decision set myself apart. As having previous staff experience, I learned how vital it is to show a unbiased attitude to allow the most fair decision. This is only a small part of what my experience have given me. I have been a officer and lead factions which give me experience in leadership which is essential to dealing with conflicts that can occur. Do you have any other experience moderating? Head Moderator on Garnet Gaming Military RP Do you have TeamSpeak and/or Discord?: I have both. Have you linked your TeamSpeak Unique ID to your forum account? (https://community.shadowict.net/teamspeak): Yes Have you linked your Discord to your forum account? (https://community.shadowict.net/discord): Yes Do you have a working microphone?: Yes Did anyone refer you to apply?: Nope Are you a trainer? If not, are you willing to become one?: No but I am willing. Do you agree to follow our Rules & Policies?{Yes/No): Yes
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    How's it going duel needs to learn how to update status help him plz
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    Your in-game name: Duel Your SteamID(https://steamid.xyz/): STEAM_0:0:70631544 Your Time-zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST) How long have you played the server? (!playtime in game): 28.2 hours. Why would you like to be a staff member?: Since I've started playing on the Military role-play server, I've been nothing but enthused on the layout of it and the community behind it. To put it simply, I want to be a part of helping make this server into something inviting and unique to the game mode as a whole, and enticing for both new and old players alike. I really think it can go far, and I, as many should, feel a responsibility for letting this server reach its potential, and whether that be taking sits to training to possibly event administering in the future, I'd like to do what I can to make that possible, for fulfilment's sake. What is your availability? 20+ hours per week, 20 being the absolute worst case scenario (school/work piling up). Daily, it's 2hrs minimum, but with spare time I usually get and stay on most if not the whole day. Why should we pick you over any other applicants?: My biggest asset when it comes to staffing is the amount of experience I had with being in a position of authority in MilitaryRP, which translates into me directing affecting other people's experience with the game. I'm fairly experienced in MRP, and I've held Officer positions and a staff position in others that honed me into not just finding my own style of dealing with others, but understanding the respect and responsibility that comes along with it. Officer work in other servers made me open to listening to my enlisted, and making sure that players are constantly doing and engaging with the server's activities. I understood that it was my responsibility to shape the people under me into what the server needed, whether it be competent Officers while I led factions, knowledgeable recruits that have been impassioned with the right attitude through my training, or previous staff experience that reminded me that my actions represent the server, and proper handling and respect needs to be displayed since my actions have concequences for the whole server's community. Do you have any other experience moderating?: Trial Administrator on GarnetGaming Military RP Do you have TeamSpeak and/or Discord?: Yes Have you linked your TeamSpeak Unique ID to your forum account? (https://community.shadowict.net/teamspeak): Yes Have you linked your Discord to your forum account? (https://community.shadowict.net/discord) Yes Do you have a working microphone?: Yes Did anyone refer you to apply?: No Are you a trainer? If not, are you willing to become one?: I'm not currently an official trainer, and I'm more than willing to become one. Do you agree to follow our Rules & Policies?{Yes/No): Yes
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    As of late I've been going over our current resources and what we can do with them. After a good amount of determination the following adjustments shall be made Senior Staff Internal Communications will be moved to a cloud deployment Directors and Founder's Team Internal and Confidential Communications will be kept on-premise for security and compliance regulations. VoIP deployments within the ShadowICT Network are being rerouted to reduce load times and usage. Game Server Operations will be expanding with the newly freed up server power. The expansions within GSO shall be announced at a later date. Stay tuned.
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    In-Game Name: Duel Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:70631544 Suggestion putting forward: Move the civilian market objective down towards the red store Why should this Suggestion be accepted?: It adds more variety and fluidity when working through the town into an objective, and it creates a flow within town that players can follow. With how it is right now, the path to civilian market is a choke point that amounts to mid-range engagements with no cover, and most of the time it's awkward to try and flank/tackle the objective with it being in the corner and having to work around. It's more "quality of life", with pushing it to the red town having more options with tackling the objective, for both countries. For paths, the RU path can be from Civ School to the left side all the way to Hotel, and the flow from US going from Hotel to Warehouse to Market, with streets bleeding and leading into the middle objectives and the hills surrounding those "flows" via sniper support and cover. The building itself has more opportunities to flank and cover on sides, making it more interesting to take and capture. Do you have any screenshots/lore/etc to back up your suggestion and argument? If so, please post here: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/918042254506781491/D4FC47D8597F53A89F29778AB2D101DC0FDE6F3F/ Suggestion putting forward: Make the Bunker on the map an objective to capture Why should this suggestion be accepted: Well built bunker that can be a prime area for Occupations Fighting for the bunker attracts attention to the hills for engaging enemies, utilising more of the map's real estate than just the prime areas. Do you have any screenshots/lore/etc to back up your suggestion and argument? If so, please post here: Vro This Bunker is Cool Suggestion putting forward: Adding Objective Capture counter during wartime Why should this suggestion be accepted: Information is clearly available on who has more objectives and who's winning the war from it Do you have any screenshots/lore/etc to back up your suggestion and argument? If so, please post here: Get Ready to Be Amazed Suggestion putting forward: Standarize Objective Captures to Country-specific, not Branch-specific Why should this suggestion be accepted: Currently, no members of a country can be on a point together unless their on the same branch, or the cap will stall Members of the same country but on different branches can lower each other's caps, intentional or not, making it easier for enemies to cap Wars are country oriented and it fits under the theme considering the whole country is working as one during war Do you have any screenshots/lore/etc to back up your suggestion and argument? If so, please post here:
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    You'll learn soon enough, when you fuck with a member of my community we'll fuck with you right back. #sorrynotsorry #ifitswaryouwant
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    Your in-game name: USN JSOCT LTJG Twig Your SteamID(https://steamid.xyz/):STEAM_0:0:98020010 Your Time-zone: EST How long have you played the server? (!playtime in game): Total time played on our servers: 1953 minutes Why would you like to be a staff member?: I play on here everyday, and I finaly am able to apply for staff. I have done my part as a player, I feel now its time to do my part as a staff member. I would love to start training, and in the future run events. What is your availability? Everyday. Why should we pick you over any other applicants?: I am very experienced, honest, and active. Do you have any other experience moderating? Kairos Gaming- Head Admin and Server Director Icefuse Networks - Adminastrator Do you have TeamSpeak and/or Discord?:Yes Have you linked your TeamSpeak Unique ID to your forum account? (https://community.shadowict.net/teamspeak):Yes Have you linked your Discord to your forum account? (https://community.shadowict.net/discord)YEs Do you have a working microphone?: Yes Did anyone refer you to apply?: No. Are you a trainer? If not, are you willing to become one?: No, I am willing to become one. Do you agree to follow our Rules & Policies?{Yes/No): Yes.
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    Use this format for applying for Commander on Military Roleplay. Keep your answers truthful as possible. You must be CPT+ to be able to apply for Commander. Steam Name: [§ICT] Colonel Robot [DvL] Steam ID(https://steamid.xyz/): STEAM_0:1:19503 RP Name: US Lieutenant General Davis | USN DEVGRU CDR Octavius What branch would you like to apply for?: United States Marine Corps (USMC) Why do you want to be a Commander?: I want to be a commander for the main reason of completing the list of US Commanders. So far the US Commanders are: US Army: (Vacant, but Mentlgen wanted this spot) USMC: (Vacant) USN: MacTavish USAF: Jensen USMP: Oddball US JSOC: Tre US BO: Tre/Tex Secondly, the Commander is there to lead, to give orders in battle and out of battle. I've done this before, so I think it would be a easy job for me. Also, a thing about Russians is they love to kidnap high-ranks which I also have experience in, I know how to avoid it. I think I am capable of leading men to do certain things at a certain time whether that time is today or tommorow. I know how to respect any General superiors, saluting them with the highest honor and fufilling all their orders. Why would we accept you to be capable of commanding a branch?: This isn't the first branch I have commanded before, I used to command US Army. But I left that.. Now, Mentlgen wants US Army, and all other spots are taken so all I have left is to take a branch that not many people are in and command it and try to get new USMC members and lead them into the field of battle. I hope for the USMC to thrive and be a very trained branch, because I know how to get men in line from PT to full demotions. I can make my own system of how to run the USMC and make several documents/sheets for several purposes like [USMC Units, TECOM, etc]. I have had past experiences when it comes to commanding branches/Armies, so I know what to do and what not to do in almost every situation. I've led men into battle before with being in the battle and not being in the battle. I've organized men before into squads and fireteams. I know what it means to command a branch, and I sure as hell know how to get them organized, no matter the amount of training and education it will need. Why should we pick you than the other applicants: I have commanding experience from multiple areas. Here are some abandoned characters from other servers: "US Army GoA Nathan 0152" "205th Sigma Colonel Octavius" "USMC CPT Sergikov" and possibly more that I can't think of currently. I think that I have tons of commanding experience and know how to run a branch. I can add and subtract to the branch, and make the branch as lore-friendly as possible. Making sure the abbrievations/ranks are right and removing anything that isn't lore-friendly or that is a nuisance. I wish for the Marines to be the best of the best when it comes to field-combat, meaning I'll have to train my men to hell. I could make them go through Killhouse in less than 30 seconds, I could do the test where the men must shoot 50 bullets with single fire into targets without missing, and more. Anything else you would like to add?: I used to be: US Army COL Octavius I am currently: USN DEVGRU CMDR Octavius If I am accepted, I will be: USMC Colonel DeMaci
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    Use the following template for the purpose of adding suggestions In-Game Name: Steam ID: Suggestion putting forward: Why should this Suggestion be accepted?: Do you have any screenshots/lore/etc to back up your suggestion and argument? If so, please post here:
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    Bugs are bound to happen, they're little nuisances in anything that has to do with programming. Should you find yourself coming across a bug/glitch/exploit of any kind, you've come to the right place to have it fixed. Just a forewarning, we highly encourage the reporting of bugs. If you find something that shouldn't be and you continue to exploit it rather than report it, you will be banned permanently. Use the following template to report any mishaps to the engineering and development teams.
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    Honestly, staff and Generals should be separate. Keep roleplay to roleplay, and staffing to staffing, because what you're doing is making people take two responsibilities when their goal would, say, only be for a General position. Coming from a personal bias with myself and noticing a few others in the past, sometimes people are busy with lives outside gaming where they might be competent for that high officer position, but their activity has it so that they can't balance both duties, and end up having to constantly choose what to prioritise, which means they'll perform less in both. So it's either 2x the responsibility or their progress is stunted, and in my opinion, I think that'll push away a lot of older and more mature potential players in the future, considering they'd have work to deal with as well. If the General is coincidentally a higher up staff member, then there's obviously no problem with that, and higher up staff should be allowed to jump into high up positions (with Founder/Tre permission) if spots are lacking, but theoretically, they really should be separate.
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    Despite taking Anchorman's idea, it's a decent temporary solution regarding how the chain of command is all over the place, or at least feels like it for the time being. Since we're on the topic of standardising higher high officer ranks however, I think it's important to note issues that might come down the line in regards to them. Say you do this, and then a month or so down the line, the CO works up to the highest position via promotion; that just makes that faction structure so that it's having more Officer ranks, than say, another faction that has their CO not being promoted, had issues with filling position; etc. It causes balance issues with who listens to who (ex: Spetznaz GEN gives orders to Aerospace ColGen, even though the ColGen is the leader of their faction), which yes can be fixed by adding extra rules, but can throw off the necessary symmetry between factions, in order for no problems to rise up to begin with. I'm guessing it's a yes by Tre already @Anchorman, so I suggest some tweaks that can be made regarding burnout and boredom of high Officer positions. 1) If we don't already have these, give CO's a term of a 1-2 months. Yes Icefuse does this, but the purpose of the concept is to make sure those who lead factions are constantly working on it, because with their deadlines, they now have people they need to be accountable to in regards to their power. 2) This can or cannot be implemented with #1, but the idea is that everyone but the CO can work up to the XO rank, regardless of what rank the CO is. This is so that the CO's rank reflects their level of leadership in regards to running the faction, and it could be a huge badge of honour to not just be a CO, but be a General of it as well, since it directly affects that faction's prestige and the person leading it's prestige as well. Once they retire, the XO moves up to CO, and works up their way again.
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    @Tex I have edited hope you like it.
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    We just raped the feedback section @Prota fuck
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    No one cares idiot +1 Still fit for the job
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    I'm going to be the community's next Automation Service and you better believe it
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