• Discord Revamp

    • Summary: We are in the process of restructuring the Discord permissions to eliminate the need of adding a 20+ roles to a channel for proper functionality. During this time the use of Discord may be negatively impacted. Status: Complete

    Given the amount of tags that exist, we will be restructuring the Discord permissions in their respective "divisions".


    Divisions to be included are as follows


    • Trainer's Division (all trainers, staff and non-staff)
    • MilitaryRP Staff (includes the military DVL)
    • Clone Wars Staff (includes the CWRP DVL)
    • HaloRP Staff (unused, but still exists)
    • Web Division Staff (forum moderators etc)
    • Executives (Executive Assistant and up)
    • Directors (CISO and up to Founder's Advisor)
    • Internal Affairs (Primarily anyone within Compliance)
    • Founder's Team (Co-Founders and up)

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