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  2. Welcome to ShadowICT! Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. We've sent you a PM to go over some common first steps after joining.

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  4. Something I've realised in my time of doing baking and cooking - Using 1/2 to 3/4 of the amount of sugar the recipe…

  5. Now is the time for your reckoning. You'll fear the ones you've controlled, you will collapse at my feet, I will destroy your deceit.

  6. I'm #baking some #brownies today

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  8. @gitlabstatus Seemed to correct itself about 5, 10 minutes after that tweet

  9. I think today is a good day for more #SkyrimSE

  10. Public E-Mail

    We're busy at work deploying enterprise grade communication systems within our back-end services. Once complete, staff will have e-mail and Skype for Business connectivity with PSTN/PBX capability with the ability to call phones. The general public will be entitled to an email address depending on the service(s) they use, but will NOT gain Skype for Business access.
  11. Great series, and GG to @Totalbiscuit's voice. #wcs

  12. @Totalbiscuit Doing what you enjoy and are proud of is what makes great content. Keep it going, TB

  13. @HiredClaws I had to fix the color correction and fade settings yes xD

  14. Took a year, but flatwork is finally done. Lineart by @HiredClaws - DA link with more details if you want it:…

  15. A wild @Aviators84 album appears!

  16. RT @AdagioTeas: #ReasonsImStillAlive 1. Nutrition 2. Oxygen 3. Adequate Sleep 4. Tea

  17. @NexusSites Psst. This is for #Fallout3 not 4

  18. @MALDoAThing Well. If you're ever interested in some arma, I got a few co-op scenarios I can throw together :P

  19. Well for some reason #microsoft hyper-v won't recognize the #turnkey #gitlab ISO as a valid boot disk. Guess I'm doing this the long way.

  20. @CookComically The chili remix has probablybeen the one I've made the most so far

  21. Never would've thought that smoked tea would make a good iced tea. But apparently it does.

  22. @AdagioTeas It's like drinking smoked tea. I didn't even know this was possible. It's weird but I like it.

  23. RT @bwc_gaming: Planetmens, join us tonight in @planetside2 and experience all the new content in the Critical Mass update! #OTOF https://t…

  24. I'm allowed to post #kittens, right?

  25. RT @Cest_Klaire: What people think my Skyrim playthrough looks like VS What it actually looks like ❄️#SkyrimSE @ElderScrolls…

  26. Community 1.0.3 View full release
  27. Community 1.0.3

    Fixed a bug with the Discord Integration causing errors upon the creation, edit, or deletion of forums Fixed a bug with the Discord Integration causing errors upon the deletion of member accounts Fixed a bug with the Discord Integration causing errors when editing your account in the UCP Fixed a bug with the Discord Integration causing system errors when attempting to synchronize Discord nicknames with Community Nicknames Fixed a bug with the Header Menu "going away" when hovering over a drop-down list Minor style-sheet improvements on the Network Feature Plan and other miscellaneous portions of the site. Enhanced Security to any person with moderation permissions Added new layer of security for any person with administrative permissions Disabled various functions for security reasons Changed Image Library Handler to ImageMagick for better picture and thumbnail quality Improved Cache methods, enable PageSpeed, enable third party caching module Restructure and Repair SQL data
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